A grease lubrication system is a very important part of construction, manufacturing, and other industrial equipment. When maintenance on the machine requires the removal of essentially every part that was forming a seal for the grease, this can be a massive loss of time and money.

Greasing the bearings with an automatic system has a number of benefits that include easy-to-use maintenance, increased uptime, and more.

Automatic Grease System Keeps Your Excavator Running Better, Longer.

Keeping your excavator in top shape is a full-time job. You ensure that all of its parts are in optimal condition, that the engine is running smoothly, and the greasing system is working properly. However, what you might not realize is that there are certain aspects of your machine that you can easily overlook.
Have you ever checked to see if the grease in the fittings is actually reaching the various components? By installing an automatic grease system, you can make sure that every part gets the lubrication it needs. Automatic Grease System Keeps Your Excavator Running Better, Longer. Here are five benefits of installing an automatic grease system for your Kubota excavator. Reduces downtime An automatic system ensures that all parts are getting the lubrication they need.

This reduces downtime as well as maintenance costs since you won’t be forced to constantly replace under-lubricated or damaged parts. Ensures proper lubrication Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly how much grease to use for each fitting, which could lead to over-lubricating or under-lubricating certain parts. An automatic grease system alleviates this problem by distributing the correct amount of grease to each fitting. 

Automatic Grease System on Kubota Excavator

You Save Time With an Automatic Grease System for Your Excavator.

Automatic greasing systems have been around for many years, and their benefits are well known. When you install an automatic system on your excavator, you can save time and money, as well as extend the life of your equipment.
Automatic Excavator Grease System Benefits You Save Time With an Automatic Grease System for Your Excavator It is estimated that, on average, a full manual greasing of an excavator takes approximately 3 hours. Installing an automatic system can significantly reduce that amount of time, as it will provide grease to all critical lubrication points without needing to be manually operated.

You will also save time because you won’t need to worry about scheduling regular greasing so often – just check on the system regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly. You Reduce Downtime With an Automatic Grease System for Your Excavator If your excavator isn’t being used for a period of time – such as during the winter months – rust and corrosion can set in. If this happens, you will likely need to spend additional money getting things fixed up before it can be used again.

An Automatic Grease System Saves You Money on Maintenance Costs

An automatic grease system for excavators is an invaluable tool for reducing maintenance costs. A properly lubricated machine works more efficiently and has fewer parts that wear out and need to be replaced. Automatic greasing systems can also help owners and operators to keep better track of their machines’ maintenance needs and reduce the amount of time it takes to perform routine maintenance checks.
Electric grease pump and hose reel Cleaner Machines Run More Efficiently Keeping your equipment clean is a top priority on any jobsite, but it’s especially important if you’re working in wet conditions or around food products that can spoil easily. When you have an automatic greasing system installed on your excavator, it’s easier to keep the machine clean because it doesn’t require as much hands-on grease application between uses. You’ll save money on cleaning supplies too!

Reduces Wear on Parts and Components You know how important it is to regularly lubricate your excavator, but sometimes life gets in the way and you forget about this critical step during scheduled maintenance checks. An automatic greasing system ensures that every part of the excavator receives proper lubrication at all times, so this task becomes less of a chore when it’s time to do routine maintenance checks on other systems in the machine.

Automatic Grease Systems Are Versatile and Easy to Use

The Automatic Grease System can be utilized on almost any piece of equipment, from the smallest excavator to the largest crane, and is easily installed. This means it can almost always be put on an existing machine, saving you the cost of having to buy a new fleet of equipment. Automatic Grease Systems Are Safe and Effective Your employees will no longer need to worry about grease guns exploding, as there will be less pressure buildup in the hoses. The automatic grease system is also extremely effective at greasing your equipment, ensuring that all critical parts are lubricated.

Having your equipment properly lubricated frees up production time by reducing unscheduled downtime. Automatic Grease Systems Improve Productivity and Efficiency With the automatic grease system, all greasing tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently with just one person, freeing up additional time for more important tasks to be undertaken. Automatic Grease Systems Reduce Labor Costs The automatic grease system reduces overall labor costs because it requires only one person to complete the task that would normally take several people hours or even days.

An Automatic Grease System Can Prevent Damage to Other Excavator Parts

An automatic grease system from Central States can help you save money on hydraulic equipment repair. By getting your Kubota excavator serviced regularly using an automatic grease system, you will extend the life of your hydraulic equipment by preventing damage to other parts. The best part about using an automatic grease system is that it does all of the work for you.
Here are five benefits of having a Central States automatic grease system installed on your Kubota excavator:

1. Automatic greasing systems save you time. With an automatic greasing system, you no longer will have to manually lubricate your equipment’s joints and pins. This frees up your time so that you can focus on other tasks.

2. Automatic greasing systems provide consistent lubrication. Manually lubricating a piece of heavy equipment can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t do it frequently enough. This often leads to inconsistent lubrication, which can cause major problems with your equipment and lead to premature failure of joints and pins. An automatic greasing system ensures that the right amount of grease is applied to every joint and pin every time, which helps prevent premature failure of these parts and extends their useful life.

3. Automatic greasing systems help prevent machine failure due to lack

Kubota Excavators with Automatic Grease Systems have many benefits so order yours today!

It’s no secret, automatic greasing systems have been around for a long time. And if you’re a heavy equipment operator or mechanic, you know how important it is to keep your machine well-greased. But did you know that with the addition of an Automatic Grease System (AGS) on Kubota Excavators, there are some big benefits to be gained?
We’ve narrowed down the top five benefits of installing an AGS on your excavator. Improved Performance and Longevity Automatic grease systems ensure that all critical grease points get lubricated as needed throughout the day regardless of the machine’s speed or operator expertise. This ensures that parts are properly lubricated and less likely to fail.

The system also monitors grease levels in each reservoir so operators and mechanics can easily monitor levels and refill as needed without having to manually check each line one by one. Reduced Operating Costs When automated greasing systems are used consistently, they reduce downtime due to repairs and greatly extend the life of your equipment. This means less money spent on costly maintenance issues that could have been avoided if proper lubrication had been applied more regularly.


Automatic grease system will greatly reduce the cost of lubrication, time delay and downtime in construction machinery maintenance. It employs computerized control panel to transmit signal of voltage, current and frequency sent by contractors. Based on the signal it will generate timer signal and switch valve to direct grease at different parts as needed. Through the history and development of construction machinery automatic grease systems its performance can be verified. Nowadays, sensor technology has been advanced, it helps maintain a good operation environment for construction machinery for long-term use just like automotive industry does to car engines today.

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