Introducing Case cx80 Excavator Problems and Solutions. This article is about used excavators for sale and these excavators are in really good condition and always maintained again and again. Case cx80 excavator parts are in good condition and can be well used for a long time.

Case cx80 excavator hydraulic system

With a Cummins QSB6.7 engine and larger hydraulic pumps, the CX80C excavator delivers increased performance over previous models. The machine is equipped with a 6-ft., 5-in. standard arm that provides a maximum digging depth of 10 ft. 5 in.

The electronically controlled hydraulic system improves cycle times, increases lifting capacity and reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. Power boost allows an extra 10 percent of lifting force and breakout force when needed, while Auto-idle automatically lowers engine rpm when the machine is not in use to save fuel.

A four-speed power shift transmission and lockup torque converter increase both travel speed and drawbar pull by 20 percent, providing faster cycle times and increased productivity. The CX80C is available with a long-carriage undercarriage option that increases the length of the track by 24 inches to decrease ground pressure, increase stability on slopes and improve flotation.

case cx80 excavator

Case cx80 excavator travel drive system

The travel drive system on the Case CX80 is designed to maximize powertrain efficiency, machine productivity and operator comfort.

The travel drive system is comprised of an electronically controlled hydrostatic pump and motors, a hydrostatic charge pump, a pilot pressure pump, planetary gear reduction units and final drives.

The speed of the travel drive system’s hydrostatic pumps and motors is controlled by electronic pilot control valves arranged in a parallel circuit, which offers fast response for rapid acceleration and directional changes. The system operates at low pressures to reduce energy consumption.

The hydrostatic charge pump provides a constant oil supply to the main drive pumps as they operate under varying loads, while the pilot pressure pump maintains pressure in the pilot circuit, allowing faster, smoother movement of the control lever.

Planetary gear reduction units maintain undercarriage ground clearance using higher-ratio gearing in smaller machines and lower-ratio gearing in larger models. The final drives are sealed, oil-lubricated units that use heavy-duty planetary gearsets with large tapered roller bearings to increase service life.

Case cx80 excavator swing drive system

The Case cx80 excavator swing drive system was in for repair. This is a big job so we have to have everything in stock so there is no down time. We can offer same day free delivery to Kent Essex and Sussex.

When the customer got the machine back he said it was like new. Give us a call for your next Swing motor for any make of machine or any other Hydraulic pump or Gearbox repair you may need.

Case cx80 excavator track and undercarriage

The undercarriage parts for the Case cx80 excavator are all built to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We provide a wide range of rubber tracks, steel tracks, undercarriage parts and accessories such as bottom rollers, top carrier rollers, sprockets, idlers, track chains and more.

The Case cx80 excavator is equipped with a 3-speed hydrostatic transmission system with three-mode selector valve for an increase in productivity and performance. The system includes three modes of operation:

  • Pump mode: Allows the operator to control the speed of each track independently for easy maneuverability
  • ASR mode: Provides increased tractive power to one side of the machine during turns or when working in severe applications
  • Travel mode: Allows the operator to set the travel speed from 0.4 miles per hour up to 13 miles per hour

Case cx80 excavator Brute force check valve not working

I have a case cx80 excavator. It is not powering up hydraulics or moving. I have checked the battery and it is good and putting out 12V. I will go to the cab and turn the key on but nothing will happen. I can hear a very small click near the battery box, but it turns out that is an electric solenoid that works when you press the button on the cab console to start it.

Now if I spray starting fluid into the intake, then it will fire right up and run as long as I keep spraying starting fluid in. The thing is that this machine should be able to prime itself with brute force check valve assembly and not need any outside help.

I have taken off all of the piping to this brute force check valve assembly and ran it through a cleaning solution bath and blew air through it to make sure there wasn’t any clogs in there. After I reassembled everything back together, same problem persists.

Case cx80 excavator Boom drift

See attachment. I have a Case cx80 excavator with about 4200 hours. The boom drift is bad, maybe 3 degrees per minute or more. I checked the oil level and it is full. On level ground and with the hydraulic system warm, the boom will drift down at about the same speed as if you are using the joystick to lower it. The stick is not moving at all.

I can not find any adjustments for this problem, only a pressure relief valve on top of the tilt cylinder.

The machine runs great other than this issue. It was used as a rental machine and has been well maintained by Case dealers its entire life.

Case cx80 excavator High oil temperature

1. The fuel supply system is not functioning properly or the fuel supply is insufficient.

2. The air filter is blocked and the air intake resistance is too large.

3. The exhaust system is blocked or the muffler is damaged, causing increased exhaust gas resistance.

4. The piston ring of the engine cylinder is worn seriously, and the clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder wall is too large, resulting in a large amount of blowby gas into the crankcase.

5. There are serious leaks in the oil seal of crankshaft, camshaft, gearbox and hydraulic pump shaft of engine, resulting in a large amount of leakage from crankshaft to inside and outside oil pan through rubber seals and gaskets, resulting in less oil in the pan and increasing oil temperature.

Case cx80 excavator Bucket digging stops

Case cx80 excavator Bucket digging stops when the bucket is at or near full. It does not happen if it’s only a little bit of material. Just enough to get the bucket full. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens enough to be frustrating. I’ve checked the oil levels and they are all good. The engine air filter is clean and oiled properly. I don’t know what else I can check? It doesn’t matter what function the bucket is in either. Digging, dumping, or back dragging are all the same it seems.

I’ve also noticed that when I’m doing some trenching with the thumb that the thumb won’t close as far as it should. The thumb will swing over and stop before actually closing around something like a 4×4 post. Is this related?

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