China Kubota Excavator Quick coupler is a device designed to make quick work of dirt. It normally has a jaw type that clamps onto the bucket teeth on an excavator and can rotate 360 degrees. The jaw is hosted on a turntable which is below the booms range of motion, when fully extended, which can extend out from the back of the machine in an L shape which gives easy access to both sides of the bucket with out moving the excavator.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Material:high tensile forged steel 45#60si2mn

We are a professional manufacturer of hydraulic quick coupler for excavator with more than 10 years manufacturing experience. This products are suitable for caterpillar, komatsu, hitachi, volvo, kobelco, hyundai, daewoo and other excavators. All the products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS certification. At present, this products are exported to North America and Europe.
Our main products include excavator bucket tooth pin (tooth pin), bucket tooth adapter (adapter), bucket tooth shank (shank), excavator bucket tooth (tooth), excavator parts (excavator parts) and so on.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Finish:black,yellow,gray,silver or as your required

Kubota Mini Excavator Quick Coupler Kubota Excavator Quick Hitch Coupler Kubota KX121-3S Hydraulic Coupler Kubota KX161-3S Hydraulic Coupler Kubota KX080-4 Hydraulic Coupler Kubota U35 Hydraulic Coupler Zhejiang Qianxin Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and suppliers of excavator quick couplers in China. We have exported this products to USA, Germany, Japan, Australia and other areas. All of our products have passed the ISO9001:2008 certificate. This advantage includes but not limited:

1. High quality

2. Competitive price

3. Good after sale service

4. Timely delivery

5. OEM service

6. Customization Available

We also can supply you with these products:

1) Excavator parts: Bucket pin, Bucket bushing, Tooth Pin&Adapters, Ripper shank, Bucket Link and other excavator parts

2) Loader parts: Cutting Edge & End Bit, Bolt on Cutting Edge&Weld on Cutting Edge ,Rubber Track Pad

3) Undercarriage parts for excavators and bulldozers

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Application:used for excavator

Excavator quick coupler is a fast change device which can quickly replace the working attachments of excavators, such as buckets, breakers and grapples. It provides a connection between an excavator and its various tools to achieve multi-purpose operations with one machine. The coupler is efficient, reliable and easy to use, which can reduce the work cycle time and improve work efficiency. Application:

1.The excavator quick coupler is designed for excavators from all the famous brands.

2. The attachment change coupler can be applied in different working conditions, such as digging, demolition, road repair, earthmoving and so on.

3. The quick hitch is widely used in mining industry, construction engineering, municipal engineering, road and bridge works and so on.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Certification:ISO9001-9002

China Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Suppliers Directory provides list of Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Suppliers and Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Exporters in China
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Want suppliers who can export to China. Please provide USD $15000 per Sets price for Kubota Mini Excavators. We are more interested to buy from Singapore. If prices are good, We will place order of 1 Sets initially and the import frequency is On Time.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Feature:high strength,wear resistance

Quick coupler is a device, which is used to connect the bucket and the excavator. It includes the driver and the bucket. The driver is installed on the excavator and the bucket is installed on the driver. The quick coupler can be divided into two kinds: manual type and hydraulic type.
The working principle of Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler: The excavator quick coupler is mainly composed of a frame, a rotating shaft and an oil cylinder. The rotating shaft is supported by bearings, and one end of the rotating shaft (the lower end) is formed with a gear-shaped tooth, and the other end forms a protruding sleeve. Between the sleeves is an annular groove, which is communicated with the oil passage through the hole.

The oil cylinder has an output rod, one end of which is connected to the bottom plate of the frame through a pin shaft, and the other end passes through a hole in the sleeve to form a piston rod connected to it. When in use, when it needs to be replaced for another bucket or other tool, first loosen its fixing bolts, then insert it into another bucket or other tool hole (the center line must be consistent with that of excavator), then pull out its locking handle.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler OEM service provided

Excavator quick coupler is designed to connect excavators with various work machines and equipment, such as buckets, compactor plates and grapples. It can save time and energy by simplifying the connection procedure, while improving job efficiency and productivity. We offer a wide range of excavator quick couplers for different brands and models, such as Komatsu, Hitachi, JCB, Daewoo/Doosan, Hyundai, Volvo, Kobelco, CAT and so on. If you need quick couplers of other brand or model, please feel free to contact us directly. We are happy to send you quotations.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler Kubota excavator quick coupler is designed for Kubota U55-4A excavator, KX057-4 excavator and KX080-3 excavator. It is made of high quality alloy steel with advanced heat treatment technology. Our company is a professional manufacturer of Kubota excavators in China. We have a comprehensive range of products including hydraulic breaker, hydraulic compactor plate, hydraulic hammer rock breaker hammer and more.

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler can be used in many kinds of environments and conditions

Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler can be used in many kinds of environments and conditions. It can fit for different working conditions, such as digging, loading, unloading, etc. The quality of product is guaranteed through the whole process from design to production by using advanced technologies and equipments. It has a high strength, which ensures the safety in working condition. Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler is widely popular with customers at home and abroad.
We are Chinese professional manufacturer with years of experience. This company insists on providing the best products and services to this customers. We have a professional team in charge of the production technology and quality control. We also employ experienced designers who are able to provide innovative design solutions for our clients. We have produced many types of Kubota quick couplers which have been exported to Russia, Italy, Australia, Poland and other countries around the world.


Let me help you find China Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler suppliers and manufacturers. With us, you can get competitive price quotes, communicate with reliable China Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler suppliers and manufacturers at ease. You shall enjoy the most competitive prices and the most reliable China Kubota Excavator Quick Coupler quality because we are very serious in what we do.

The product(s) will be sent to you when you place the order. If you have any questions about this product or need help selecting your products, please feel free to contact us directly by email or by phone. We will reply you as soon as possible!

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