Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL is a very powerful and strong digging machine that can be used in any construction work or in mines. The excavator offers the speed, efficiency, power and control so you can use it to work on any project of yours.

This excavator comes with different variants like extender arm, rubber track, second engine and many other features to make it even more powerful than its peers. If you need excavator for your construction projects, it’s better to buy this best-selling Volvo excavator so that you can get all the comfort you want on working with it.

excavator volvo ec 300 dl

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL basic information

The Volvo EC300DL is a 37.1t machine with Volvo engine which powers this model with up to 226kW or 302 horse power. The Volvo EC300DL can be grouped in the biggest machine segment in the crawler excavators category. The EC300DL’s size is 3.47m x 12m x 3.3m. It has been sold without air Quick hitch hydr., Air condition and Dozer blade as of 2015. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original Volvo EC 300 DL specs data sheet.

Volvo EC 300 DL attachments: Volvo EC 300 DL attachments: Volvo EC 300 DL serial numbers: – Serial number, from S/N 3300201 to S/N 3300531 – Serial number, from S/N 3400800 to S/N 3400999

Technical specification of the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL

The EC 300 DL belongs to the medium excavator class of the company Volvo. This model is a 3-axle machine with a total weight of 29,7 tons. The maximum digging depth is 7,93 meters, the maximum digging height is 10,82 meters and the maximum loading height is 8,55 meters.

The maximum torque of this excavator is 1.068 Nm at 1600 rpm. The engine power is 177 kW (240 hp) at 1900 rpm.

Compared to other models of the same operating class, this machine has an average power and torque level.

The hydraulic circuit flow rate is 258 l / min. This gives you a good flow rate for most hydraulic functions in this operating class.

The standard bucket capacity for this machine is 0,9 m3 and the standard bucket width is 1,37 meters.

excavator volvo ec 300 dl

Operating weight 27,700 – 33,100 kg Max. digging depth 7,050 mm
Gross power 170 kW Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 164 kN
…at engine speed 1,800 rpm Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 179 kN
Bucket capacity 0.52 – 2.02 m³ Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 143 kN
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage 11,020 kg Overall width 3,190 mm
…at reach / height 6 / 1.5 m Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 156 kN
Max. digging reach 10,430 mm Tail swing radius 3,120 mm

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL operation data

Volvo EC300DL is a 33-ton excavator that is actually built for the rigors of heavy duty work. The manufacturer has paid particular attention to the durability and reliability of this machine.

The EC300DL has a number of features to ensure that the machine can work in the most demanding situations. Volvo’s EC300DL weighs 33 tons, with a bucket capacity of 1.1 meters and a maximum digging depth of 7.6 meters, making it one of the largest excavators in its class.

This machine is equipped with a powerful Volvo Tier 4 Final engine that delivers high performance but low fuel consumption. With an operating weight of 31.9 tons and an operating pressure of 3580 psi, this excavator has a maximum reach of 31.3 feet and an arm force of 2178 lbs at full reach.

For improved performance, productivity and fuel efficiency, EC300DL has been designed with several new features such as Volvo Care Cab, Volvo Smart View and Volvo Smart Control System.

Engine of the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL

The engine is equipped with the system of exhaust gas cleaning EGR, which allows to reduce emission of nitrogen oxides. System NOT working when the engine is in idle mode, and also during short-term operation at maximum power.

The Volvo EC300DL excavator is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine Tier III, Volvo D6E EAE3, which provides a good balance between productivity and fuel consumption. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system with two pumps, which gives you the opportunity to work with different attachments.

The excavator has a modern and comfortable cab, which provides excellent visibility for the operator. Built-in air conditioning ensures high comfort for the operator even at high ambient temperatures.

High reliability of the machine thanks to the use of quality components from leading European and Japanese manufacturers allows you to increase your profits from using an excavator. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic components from Bosch Rexroth and Nachi, as well as electronic components from Danfoss Power.

Hydraulic system of the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL

The hydraulic system uses a pressure of 40 MPa. It consists of a load-sensing orbital motor, which is mounted on the lower frame, and a maximum flow rate of 240 l / min at a pressure of 30 MPa. The pump has two working sections: one provides constant pressure in the system, and the other provides increased pressure in the two circuits, depending on the position of the control lever.

The pump is driven from a separate hydraulic motor. Its regulating valve changes the speed in accordance with the pressure required for each circuit. The main relief valve is designed to maintain hydraulic pressure at levels required for proper operation of all components.

Hydraulic drive of tracks consists of an orbital motor with a regulator and a relief valve located on the right frame side below the unit. Hydraulic motors are equipped with disc-type brakes (thanks to them, it is possible to hold the excavator in any position). The drive mechanism includes two sprockets and two chains made up of connecting links, assembled in pairs – inner and outer. This design provides reliable operation even when one chain breaks down or goes off track.

Undercarriage of the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL

The undercarriage of the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL is a part, which includes such components as track chains, shoes, swivels, rollers and sprockets. Volvo EC 300 DL undercarriages can be inspected for their quality and wear at our service centers. Our service technicians are always ready to help you in choosing the best undercarriage for your equipment.

Our certified technicians will recommend you the best variant of Spare Parts for Volvo EC 300 DL. We also offer a wide range of Volvo EC 300 DL replacement parts, starting from drive sprockets and ending with track chains and shoes.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us by phone or email. We have been manufacturing spare parts for heavy equipment since 2004. All products supplied by us are produced according to original technical specifications of Volvo EC 300 DL machines.

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL main applications

The new EC300DL is the ideal choice for general construction, quarry, road building and utilities. Its versatility makes it a machine of choice for contractors and fleet owners.

The EC300DL is powered by Volvo’s reliable D6E Tier III engine designed to meet all emission regulations worldwide. The engine delivers power and fuel efficiency through low rpm operation, variable geometry turbocharger and cooled exhaust gas recirculation.

The electronically controlled hydraulic system allows smooth, simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions for fast cycle times and improved machine efficiency. The variable displacement piston pump feeds oil to the closed center load sensing implement system, enabling the EC300DL to deliver high breakout forces for quick digging cycles or heavy lifting tasks.

  • Construction of roads

  • Construction of communications

  • Construction of gas pipelines

  • Digging trenches for pipes and cables

  • Excavating pits and foundations

  • Backfilling and demolition operations

  • Cleaning and leveling the terrain

  • Stacking soil

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL and problem solution

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL is a four wheel drive diesel powered machine. The machine has gained the trust of its users because it delivers what it promises. If taken care of properly, this machine will give years of service without any problem. Given below are some of the problems that can be faced with this machine and their fixes.

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL Hydraulic system failure solution

The other day I had a Volvo EC300 of the year 2006 that left me with a strange problem, the machine only worked for a few minutes and then it turned off, when I tried to turn it on again, after several attempts it came on and worked for a few minutes and it turned off again.

Analyzing the fault codes to see if it gave me some information about the failure or what the system was doing, at first the machine came out with one fault code (Hydraulic inlet tank pressure sensor high signal) but then the fault code did not appear anymore and it just came out with (signal loss of pump pressure sensor) but as we all know, this fault code can be caused by many different things, such as high pressure filter clogged, hydraulic oil overheating, pump pressure sensor not giving signal, etc.

After analyzing these two fault codes I knew that this was a hydraulic failure but I did not know exactly what was causing the problem.

Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL Failure to start the engine solution

The problem of failure to start the engine for the EC 300DL excavator was solved as follows:

1. The automatic engine stop system is turned on. After turning on the ignition, the light flashes (see photo 1) and no error codes are displayed on the screen.

2. When you press the Start button, there is no reaction! No sound of a starter!

3. Checked according to instructions:

– The fuse in position 3 of the fuse box is intact.

– Battery voltage is normal 23V (photo 2).

– All relays are working properly.

4. After checking all this, I suspected that the automatic engine stop system was faulty or deactivated by a service engineer who worked before me with this machine!

5. It was decided to reconnect it, for this we took out all three plugs from each module (photo 3). Then we connected them back, after which we waited a few seconds and connected the battery itself back to its place and turned on the ignition again!

6. After that, everything worked fine! The engine started normally!

excavator volvo ec 300 dl

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL fuel pump is damaged solution

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL fuel pump is damaged solution.The excavator volvo EC 300 DL fuel pump is damaged. The construction site excavates the volvo car EC300DL fuel pump and the vehicle enters the city to purchase a new fuel pump, but the new fuel pump has been installed in the field, but there is still no sound of the oil pump, so what can it be?

1. The oil fill valve on the back of the engine was not open and the system was not ready to work.

2. The diesel engine cannot start because there is no oil pressure to start.

3. The diesel engine does not start because there is no power supply from the battery or from other sources (generators).

4. The diesel engine does not start because there is no electromagnetic valve signal to control it to start up or stop working.

5. There are two reasons for this situation: 

(1) The sensor on the oil pump does not send a signal to the computer control panel; 

(2) There is a problem with the computer control panel and cannot receive signals from sensors on various parts of the machine body.

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL brake pad is stuck solution

When the excavator Volvo EC 300 DL brake pad is stuck, it is necessary to perform the following work.

The action of the brake mechanism is carried out by pressing the brake pedal, which moves the piston in the main hydraulic cylinder, pushes the oil and compresses the brake pads against the steel disc. When the driver releases his foot from the pedal, the spring returns all parts to their original position.

Replacing brake pads on a car is not an easy task. It should be handled only by an experienced mechanic who knows all about brakes. The replacement of pads will require special tools and accessories. If you do not know how to safely remove a car from a garage or parking lot, do not risk it, contact a professional for help.

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL pinhole is broken or jammed solution

If the pinhole of the excavator is broken or jammed, first find out where the pinhole is broken. If it is a large and small pinhole, it is necessary to check whether there is a foreign object in the large and small pinholes. If there is no foreign object, whether the cylinder rod has been welded or not, if it has been welded, repair the cylinder rod welding point first; if there is no welding point, check whether the spring of the bucket cylinder is good or not.

If it is not good, replace it with a new one. (There are two springs on the bucket cylinder). If you need to replace the bucket cylinder spring and replace it directly, don’t change one by one.

If there are foreign objects in large and small holes, remove them and then check whether the shrapnel in large and small holes are damaged or worn out. If they are damaged or worn out, replace them with new ones. After solving these problems, see if the pump can work normally.

If there are no problems with large and small holes, you need to open the tank cover to check whether there are iron filings in the oil filter screen of hydraulic oil tank. If there are iron filings in hydraulic oil tank filter screen.

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL Engine overheating or overcooling solution

The most likely problem is that the radiatior is clogged. The radiator is located at the front of the excavator, with a large fan in front of it. You will need to remove the radiator cap with a 1-1/8 inch socket, and inspect inside the radiator. If you see any dirt or debris, then you will need to clean it out.

Most likely, you will need to use an air hose to blow out the dirt from inside the radiator. If it’s very dirty, you may want to wash it out with water instead of air. Be sure to use mild soap and warm water (like car washing soap).

Another possible problem is that the radiator does not have enough coolant in it. To check this, remove the radiator cap and look inside. The coolant should be right up to the top of the radiator. If it’s not, then you will need to add more coolant.

The The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL turbocharger fails or cannot be started solution

The Volvo EC 300 DL excavator is one of the most common models in the market. When users encounter problems with this excavator, they will be anxious:

1. The turbocharger fails or cannot be started.

2. The engine speed is unstable during idle speed operation.

3. The engine speed changes when the working device is operated or loaded.

4. There is a serious delay in response when the accelerator pedal is stepped on.

5. If the above phenomenon appears, you need to check whether there is any dirt in the fuel pipe, filter and whether there are any precipitated impurities inside, if so, you need to clean it;

6. Check the air filter element and see if there is a lot of impurities in it;

7. Check if the air line has air leakage;

8. There may be a problem with the fuel supply of your car, so you need to check whether your injector has a problem;

The The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL engine knocks and knocks solution

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL engine knocks and knocks, because the fuel supply is not enough, or the air pressure is not stable. In this case, we should check whether there is air leakage in the fuel line. If the pump does not suck enough fuel. If the line is blocked by debris, it must be cleaned up. We can also clean up the filter and see if it’s too dirty to work properly.

In addition, it should be noted that the excavator’s diesel engine has a large displacement. Therefore, when it works, it will consume a lot of fuel. At this time, we need to pay attention to fill the diesel tank in time to avoid insufficient fuel supply caused by knocking of the diesel engine.

The Excavator Volvo EC 300 DL Oil leaking from the engine solution

1. The oil leakage of the main oil pump seal is caused by the external leakage or the internal leakage. The external leakage is that the outer packaging of the pump body and the oil seal is damaged, and the internal leakage is caused by the loosening of the oil seal and the wear of the sealing surface.

2. The external oil leakage of the main pump assembly is mainly due to poor sealing performance of its outer circle, which may be due to poor quality or damage during installation or operation.

3. The internal leak of main pump assembly is mainly due to poor sealing between impeller and shaft or between impeller and volute chamber caused by wear, corrosion, etc., resulting in mixing of pressure oil and hydraulic oil in tank.

excavator volvo ec 300 dl download

The Volvo EC300DL is one of the most popular excavator models in the industry. It has a robust construction and unmatched stability which allows its operator to work with less effort. This excavator is equipped with several useful attachments like debris screens, pneumatic tippers, hydraulic hammers and buckets. The EC300 DL is known for its performance on any terrain.

excavator volvo ec 300 dl download

The Volvo EC300DL is one of the more popular models within this category, thanks to its combination of size, power, and fuel efficiency. The EC300DL is a popular model within the industry and it comes from a brand that have been widely recognized for designing quality construction equipment for decades. The EC300DL can be utilized for a variety of jobs on varying terrain sizes, with this model being able to carry up to 295 kg of weight in its bucket and as much as 1.5 cubic meters of earth at any one time.

There are plenty of machines out there for sale which carry larger buckets but they cannot match the EC300DL’s level of productivity; what you need to understand is that this machine’s capabilities will directly depend on the skill set of the person operating it.

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