Welcome to my Komatsu 20 ton excavator buy guide! There’s nothing like a new machine at the construction site. You won’t find it in any other industry that people would be so excited over something they plan to spend many hours of pointless work with. But this enthusiasm is understandable. Just think about that heavy load, dark gray from dust, sweat and all kinds of nasty stuff and dirty work. Now you risk your life for a ticket to heaven… I mean for about 300 dollars!

The most important thing to consider when buying a Komatsu 20 ton excavator is whether you need an articulated or straight frame version

The most important thing to consider when buying a Komatsu 20 ton excavator is whether you need an articulated or straight frame version. Articulated units are the most popular, but straight frame units are more versatile and do not need to be transported from side to side.

Keep in mind that the choice of an excavator is dependent on the work you want it to do. For example, if you need to move heavy objects, then you will probably want a straight frame unit. However, if your main concern is digging trenches or holes, then an articulated unit is probably what you need. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to talk with a salesperson at your local Komatsu dealer and see what they can offer you.

If you have decided that a Komatsu 20 ton excavator is the right choice for you, there are other things to consider before making your purchase. First of all, consider how much money you have available to spend on your new toy. If you only have a few thousand dollars to spend on your new machine, then don’t worry too much about how much it costs as long as it does its job well.

komatsu 20 ton excavator

A Komatsu 20 ton excavator can be purchased with a counter weight that can be a swinging counterweight or a front mounted counterweight. Counter weights are not usually needed for straight frame versions of the Komatsu 20 ton excavator

The Komatsu 20 Ton Excavator is used to perform heavy construction jobs. The Komatsu Excavator was introduced in the year 1997, and immediately became popular among construction companies. The popularity of the machine has increased over time, and now it is used throughout the world. This machine is known for its ability to move huge amounts of earth, and it has been used in many different construction projects.

The Komatsu 20 ton excavator is a powerful earth moving machine that has been used in many different construction projects around the world. It is very versatile, and can be used to dig out large areas of earth, or move heavy objects around. There are many different types of attachments available for this type of machine, which allows you to use it in almost any location you choose. Some people may think that this type of equipment is too big for their needs, but it is actually quite useful for most people who need to move heavy objects around their property.

A Komatsu 20 ton excavator can have a maximum ground level reach of just over 31 feet, but there is also a version that is over 34 feet high, which can be used to reach building rooftops. The bucket size on a Komatsu 20 ton excavator can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but it is usually around 3 cubic yards (2.3 m3).

The Komatsu 20 ton excavator features an articulated boom and arm that gives it much better flexibility than its competitors in the same weight category.

Komatsu 20 ton Excavators come in three base models, PC200LC-7E0, PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8

Each model is available with either a canopy or cab. The PC200LC-7E0 has an operating weight of 42,950 lbs., while the PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8 have operating weights of 45,350 lbs. and 47,140 lbs., respectively. The excavators feature Tier III engines and are equipped with Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control system as standard equipment.

Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) technology includes machine control functionality that automates the boom and bucket movements to achieve consistent target digging depths. When combined with Komatsu’s optional 3D GPS GNSS system, IMC enables fully automatic grading of complex surfaces without any extra hardware on the machine, according to the company.

The excavators are equipped with a Komatsu SA6D107E-1 engine that produces 140 horsepower at 2,000 rpm for all models except for the PC220LC-8 which is powered by a Komatsu SA6D114E-2 engine that produces 157 horsepower at 1,800 rpm.

There are also two boom expansions available for the larger Komatsu 20 ton excavator models. One expansion is for the PC200LC-7E0 and the other is for the larger PC200LC-8 and PC220LC-8

The boom expansion gives you an extra 1.38 feet or 42 centimeters of reach on either side of your boom. This gives you a better digging depth, reach and dumping height.

The 8 series 20 ton excavators have a reduced tail swing compared to previous generations, so they can be used in confined areas. You won’t have to worry about getting in too close to structures like you have had to do in the past with other models of this size and weight class.

All three of these machines have cab guard extensions, which offer more protection from falling rocks and debris that can damage the cab and injure operators. They also have larger bucket cylinders for greater bucket breakout force, which helps when digging into hard or rocky soil conditions.

Another consideration when purchasing a Komatsu 20 ton excavator is the bucket size, shape and type of teeth that the bucket has on it

The bucket that comes standard with a Komatsu 20 ton excavator is a 24″ wide bucket with 9 teeth that are 1″ in diameter. There are several other types of buckets that can be purchased such as a trenching bucket or a ditching bucket. Other attachments include thumb attachments.

The price of a Komatsu 20 ton excavator depends on the year, make and model as well as whether or not the unit has been refurbished. Currently, there are two different models for sale on eBay. One is a 1994 model and one is a 1998 model. The 1994 model has 5,000 hours on it and is listed at $41,500 USD. The 1998 model has 3,500 hours on it and is listed at $46,500 USD.

A search on Machinery Trader website yields 11 results for Komatsu PC200LC-3 models ranging in price from $33,000 USD to $49,000 USD.

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