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The kubota mini excavator track roller problems

The most common problem with the excavator track roller, if not find the reasons, will lead to increased maintenance costs, frequent failures and reduce the service life of the parts. Therefore, when using the excavator track roller, we must read carefully the instructions before use. There is a problem that needs to be cleaned up in time.

The kubota mini excavator track roller is lubricated by an automatic lubrication system. It can be mechanically lubricated or oil pump pressure lubricated. The mechanical drive device is driven by a crankshaft or cam mechanism to form an oil-absorbing device composed of a piston and a spring, which is connected with the oil hole of each lubricating part through a push rod to form a continuous connection. When the moving parts are in motion, they are forced to absorb oil through pressure force or suction force to achieve automatic lubrication.

1. The appearance of wear.

The wear will make track roller produce a great friction resistance with the ground, resulting in the decrease of efficiency when working. Besides, it will cause a lot of noise and dust which influence people’s health seriously

2. The appearance of creepage marks on the surface of track roller.

The creepage marks are longitudinal lines on the surface of track roller caused by electrolytic corrosion or mechanical corrosion. If you do not clean it up in time, it will cause uneven wear and tear on the surface or even serious damage on the whole track roller.

3. The deformation caused by overheating or overload.

If there is no lubrication between the track link and track rollers, it is easy to appear overheating because of friction resistance; if you operate your kubota mini excavator.

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The kubota mini excavator track frame problems

The kubota mini excavator undercarriage track frame is a supporting structure of the machine. It supports the entire weight of the machine body, engine, hydraulic system and other parts. It also guarantees the stability of the operation of the machine, ensures that the machine can move stably in a certain direction, and facilitates on-site turning.

The kubota mini excavator track frame is generally composed of a left and right track beam, an upper beam and a lower beam. The front end is connected with a swing bearing through the swing support bracket, and the rear end is connected with a drive wheel or a crawler (track) pad through a drive wheel or crawler (track) pad bracket. At this time, there are many small bearings made up of bearings inside.

The kubota mini excavator track frame should be checked every 500 hours to ensure that it can work normally. If there are obvious bending deformation or cracks on the beam, it should be repaired in time to prevent accidents caused by deformation or fracture during operation.

The kubota mini excavator track link assembly problems

When your Kubota mini excavator track links are worn or broken, the first thing to do is to measure the length of it. If you need to replace the track link assembly, you have to take the correct measurement and buy a new one.

After you have purchased a new one, you need to remove the old one. To do this, you will have to remove the bolts of the sprocket which helps in removing the old track from your machine.

Before installing the new track link assembly, ensure that it has been aligned properly. This is because if it is not installed properly, it might cause damage to your vehicle and can also lead to accidents.

Now install the track link assembly by putting it in place with its proper alignment. You will now notice that there are two pivot points in this assembly. These are called master pins and bushings. Make sure that they move freely on all four sides of your vehicle so that they can rotate easily and do not cause any damage while they are being used on rough terrain.

Now fix these pivot points and tighten them properly so that they can be used easily when you use your vehicle on rough terrain as well as smooth surfaces.

The kubota mini excavator drive sprocket and idler wheel problems

Recently, we received some inquiries from our customers about the kubota mini excavator drive sprocket and idler wheel problems. They told us that their heavy duty sprocket was worn out, and they were looking for replacement parts. So, We would like to share our advice with you on this topic.

Kubota mini excavator drive sprocket is a common wear part. You may have already known that. But few of you know that the idler wheel is also a wear part which can cause serious damage to your machine alongside with the worn out sprocket.

Therefore, it is essential to replace the sprocket and idler wheel together when they are worn out. Because they are assembled together in your machine and they should be replaced together as well. If you replace only one of them, the new one will be damaged by the old one in a short time and you will have to replace them again in a short time as well.

The sprocket and idler wheel is worn out or broken easily. We know the sprocket is an important part of power transmission system and the idler wheel used to adjust the tension of the track chain. There are several reasons for this problem:

1. The quality of the sprocket and idler wheel is not good. Under normal conditions, it should be used for 1-2 years. However, some customers use them only 3-6 months because they are damaged easily.

2. As you know, a mini excavator needs to do some heavy duty work in a day, such as digging on some hard ground or loading materials in construction site. If you don’t replace them timely, it will be easy to go wrong.

3. The design of kubota mini excavator is not perfect enough, which leads to this problem.

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If you run into any of these common Kubota mini excavator track problems, follow the recommended solutions or contact your dealer or mechanic

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