Case 880 problems are common issues on this excavator, so many buyers will talk about the problems that they have had. But before you buy the Case 880 its is worth while searching the web to try and find what problems owners of Case 880’s have had on their machines, so that you can avoid these snags. Then there is this other issue that once you have bought the Case 880, it is worth checking out the manuals online so that you know how to operate your machines properly.

1 .case 880 excavator engine would run only one way

I have a case 880 excavator diesel. Its a 1978 model. The problem is that the engine will only run one way on the key switch no matter what position it is turned to. It will not start in any of the positions except for up. What could be the problem?

Another thing to mention is that the starter that was on it was a Bosch. I replaced it with a Delco and now it starts in all positions except for down.

case 880 excavator

case 880 excavator engine works fine on forward position but wont work on reverse position 

I had this problem with a Caterpillar backhoe years ago. I had to take the excavator to the dealer because I could not get it apart myself. The tech called me later in the day and said it was ready for pick up. I picked it up and as soon as I started it up, it went into forward and would not go into reverse, so I brought it back in and left it there over night.

The next day he called me again and told me that he had to adjust the valves because they were out of adjustment. He told me that when he was testing it after he reassembled the parts, it worked fine for about five minutes then got stuck in forward again. He then adjusted them again and tested them for about an hour before I picked it up. It worked fine after that.

Sometimes you can unstick a valve by tapping on the valve body gently with a hammer while someone else is operating the joystick control lever. This may work but there is no guarantee that it will fix your problem, but sometimes you are lucky and can do this yourself instead of having to take your machine to a dealer for service.

the problem is with the case 880 excavator direction solenoid

The solenoid is located on the pump. The solenoid can be removed from the pump by removing two bolts that hold it to the pump. Next remove the two wires from the solenoid.

Once removed from the pump, you can then test it under a load for continuity. Make sure that there is no dirt or garbage in the cavity where the wires come out of the pump housing

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case 880 excavator move the lever on the shift control to reverse and try again

If you have one that is a shift control it will be on the left side of the drivers seat, if it is a hydrostatic control it will be on the dashboard from under the steering wheel.

The shift control is a lever that sticks up through the floorboard. You can push it forward or pull it back to change directions.

The hydrostatic control is a lever that comes up through the floorboard and you push it forward to go forward and pull it back to go in reverse. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me

if case 880 excavator still won’t go into reverse, then the solenoid is faulty

You can check it with a meter to be sure, but before you do that you should check the level in the torque converter. If transmission fluid is low, you’ll have trouble going into reverse.

The other thing to look for is a bad filter in the transmission. These can plug up and cause all sorts of problems with shifting. It’s easy to change and not terribly expensive, so it’s worth doing if you have shifting problems.

If your Case 880 excavator still won’t go into reverse after checking these things, then the solenoid is faulty. You can test it with a meter by measuring resistance between two terminals while pressing down on the solenoid plunger. If resistance changes when the button gets depressed then there is continuity through your circuit which means it’s not working properly (or at all).

2 .case 880 excavator engine wont run at all

I have a case 880 excavator. It started up and ran fine. I shut it down in the shop to move it and when I went to start it, it wont start at all. Not even a hint of starting. No code lights come on at power up and did not get any codes. The pump was just replaced because a valve was stuck inside the pump. It had been sitting for quite a while before that happened so we replaced the pump as well as the head, injectors and seals. The only thing that has not been changed is the fuel lines, filters, lift pump and injector lines since they seemed to be ok.

I took the fuel line off of the injector pump going into the injectors and cranked it over but nothing came out. A friend told me it should have squirted fuel out if there was any pressure. Im not sure about this but would like an answer or some ideas where to look next.

The engine is a Cummings 4BT 3.9L non turbo 4 cylinder diesel engine if this helps at all.

check that case 880 excavator is fuel getting to the cylinder head or diesel injectors

Since the starter is turning it over that tells me your batteries are charged and your starter is working.

My guess is you have no fuel getting to your cylinder head or diesel injectors. Check the fuel lines to make sure they are free of debris, kinks, and leaks. Make sure all of your filters are clean and are not clogged.

Check the fuse box to make sure everything is connected in there properly and that the main fuses are not blown.

Check you fuel pump, the diesel injectors and your cylinder head for loose or damaged parts and tighten or replace as necessary.

replace case 880 excavator filter if dirty or blocked

One of the most important things to learn is how to replace the filter in your Case 880 Excavator. It will not only help you save money but you will also be able to enjoy a clean environment when working on the machine.

The first step is to remove all dirt and debris. This can be done by using a vacuum cleaner or by hand cleaning it with a mild detergent. When removing the filter, make sure that it is completely dry before proceeding to step two.

Once the filter is dry, you should place it in a plastic bag and seal it up tightly so that no moisture can get inside. After this is done, you can now begin replacing the filter in your Case 880 Excavator.

The next thing that you need to do is take out all of the hoses and wires that connect your case 880 excavator to the rest of the machinery in your garage or workshop. You will find that there are two lines coming from the pump and one line coming from the battery pack. These lines are connected by clamps at both ends and they are secured together with screws.

3 .case 880 excavator engine overheats frequently

Case 880 excavator engine overheats frequently, but it does not overheat when you run the engine at low rpm.

You have to take a hard look at the radiator’s core. It might be blocked or clogged.

If the coolant level is okay, it is time to check the water pump. If it is new, then there could be a problem with it that needs fixing. You can check for any leaks in hoses and other parts of the coolant system.

It is possible that the head gasket has blown too. This will increase pressure in the cooling system, causing your engine to overheat. The head gasket is responsible for keeping the coolant inside of your engine’s cooling system. A broken one will let coolant leak into the crankcase and oil pan, thus increasing the temperature of your engine over time.

case 880 excavator equip to operate in dusty conditions 

Case Construction Equipment has introduced a new air intake system for the 880 excavator. The new system eliminates the need for a pre-cleaner and helps prevent dirt and dust from entering the engine’s air intake system, allowing contractors to operate in dusty conditions without fear of engine damage.

The new system includes an enhanced air intake design, which directs air away from the engine compartment and into a new, pleated filter that provides greater surface area than other designs. The optional filter is designed to trap contaminants before they reach the engine, while maintaining airflow to keep the engine running cool even in tough conditions.

An available automatic regeneration system cleans the filter with two bursts of compressed air every five hours of operation. This process helps prevent clogging and allows operators to continue working without stopping to manually clean their filters.

The new filters are interchangeable with existing units and can be retrofitted onto current model 880E excavators.

use clean dry air, not oily/moist air

The use of clean dry air, not oily/moist air, is essential for the proper operation of pneumatic systems. Moisture in the air causes corrosion and freezing in the control lines and valves. Small amounts of oil or water in the air will cause erratic operation of pneumatic controls. Oil lubricates the valves which allows them to operate with less pressure and reduces valve life.

To ensure the proper operation of your pneumatic system, a good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of a two-stage filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL). The stages are designed to remove moisture and dirt from the air supply. The first stage removes moisture and dirt down to 5 microns. It is recommended that this filter be changed every six months or annually depending on the amount of use it receives. The second stage removes moisture and dirt down to 1 micron. It is recommended that this filter be changed every year or biannually depending on usage.

The 880 excavator has some problems with it and these may help fix them

If you have a 880 excavator, there are some problems that can plague you in the future. The 880 has been a very popular machine and many people still like to use it today. This is because it offers a lot of versatility and is able to get the job done no matter what. Even though the 880 has been around for many years, there are some problems associated with it.

One of the most common problems with the 880 excavator is that it tends to leak oil. This is because there are several different parts that can cause this problem to occur. If you find yourself dealing with this type of problem, it is important that you make sure you get the problems fixed as soon as possible. There are several different parts that can cause this problem to occur and each part will need to be replaced in order for your excavator to be able to work properly again.

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