Case cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution The Case CX240B Endura is a twin boom, three-point high reach excavator. Its design includes a full complement of operator comfort and convenience features. The electronically synchronized twin stick controls provide high precision. The state-of-the-art servo valve power train provides the power and torque to operate under all conditions.

case cx240b excavator Power Loss

The Case CX240B Excavator, like many excavators, uses a hydraulic system to drive the machine. Hydraulic fluid is pressurized and then converted into motion. The movement of the fluid creates force that drives the pistons in your excavator, thus moving the machine.

It’s important to make sure you have a sufficient amount of hydraulic oil in your excavator’s reservoir to keep your pump going. If the reservoir runs out of oil, the pump will suck air into it, and as a result, you will lose power.

Power loss is indicated by a loud screeching sound coming from your cylinder or oil tank.

If you learn how to check your oil levels at regular intervals, you can avoid this problem altogether.

case cx240b excavator

case cx240b excavator Control Pattern Selector

A control pattern selector allows you to choose between the standard ISO and SAE control pattern (also known as backhoe or excavator style) on a CASE multi-terrain loader, compact track loader or skid steer.

The control pattern selector is a simple yet smart feature that gives operators the flexibility to use their familiar control pattern without having to relearn new controls. With a flip of a switch, operators can switch from the traditional SAE controls to the ISO controls, or they can select their own custom control pattern. The selector is designed to fit all CASE loaders with pilot controls and is available as an option or dealer installed accessory.

case cx240b excavator Hydraulic Flow Switch

case cx240b excavator hydraulic flow switch The hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system. It supplies all components of the system with oil and ensures that these are kept under pressure. The hydraulic pumps convert the mechanical energy of the drive shaft into hydraulic energy, i.e. into energy of a fluid under pressure, which is then conveyed to the consumers via a pipeline system.

The characteristic feature of a modern hydraulic pump is its ability to generate a high delivery volume at low speeds. This enables it to map out more than one working cycle per revolution of the crankshaft, and thus to have several outlets for oil delivery available in parallel.

The case cx240b excavator hydraulic oil pressure is insufficient, the swash plate of the main pump is too small, and the hydraulic components are worn

High speed, low torque situation. After troubleshooting, it was found that the engine speed could not reach the rated value, because there was no signal of the engine speed on the control panel. After checking, it was found that the power supply line of the engine speed sensor had been broken, and it was rewired to normal after maintenance. After high-speed operation of the working device for a period of time, the engine speed will automatically drop or even stop running. At this time, if you press any button on the left-side control handle, you can restart normally.

The above phenomenon indicates that there is a problem with one of the relays in the electrical system. After troubleshooting, it is found that when one of these relays (the relay for controlling high-pressure oil pumps) fails to fail and does not pull in after working for a period of time due to overheating or aging of its coil insulating glue. Replace with a new relay to normalize it.

1. The diesel engine lacks power

Possible causes: air filter clogging, fuel shortage, intake valve stuck, low compression pressure, poor cylinder sealing.

Elimination method: check the air filter and clean or replace it in time; check whether there is fuel in the fuel tank; check whether the intake valve is stuck, whether it can be disassembled and cleaned; measure the compression pressure of each cylinder with a compression gauge; eliminate poor cylinder sealing.

2. Oil circuit failure

Possible causes: hydraulic pipeline blockage or leakage; hydraulic pump damage; hydraulic oil quality deterioration; low oil level.

Elimination method: check for blockages in each pipeline and find out where the leak is; replace damaged pumps; replace expired hydraulic oil with new ones; replenish proper amount of hydraulic oil.

case cx240b excavator Room crane walking oil pump pressure is insufficient

1. The front and rear oil pumps of the original imported yamang are at risk. The pressure of the front oil pump is normal, but the pressure of the walking oil pump is too low.

2. Check the fault and remove the hydraulic valve block, check the hydraulic system and find that the hydraulic pipe joints of the walking oil pump are loose, tighten them, and then check that whether there is any problem with the walking oil pump. After inspection, no obvious problem was found in the structure and appearance of the walking oil pump.

3. Then start debugging: when debugging, it was found that although the front and rear filters were replaced, they were still blocked by impurities, which led to a large amount of air inlet in the system, resulting in a decrease of system pressure.

4. Remove all filters (including two filters on each side of each working device), replace two sets of high efficiency filters (with larger flow), replace all return pipes with new ones (all return pipes have been used for 5 years), clean all tanks and pipelines

The case cx240b excavator motor power is insufficient and the motor fails

As the excavator is working, the power of the motor is insufficient. In this case, it is necessary to check the oil quantity of each part of the engine, such as the oil quantity in the crankcase and the oil level in the fuel tank. If there is not enough fuel or oil in these parts, it will cause insufficient engine power. Therefore, it should be supplemented in time.

In addition, when checking whether the engine power is insufficient, we also need to check whether there are problems with other accessories that affect engine performance. For example, whether there is a problem with the air filter and whether there are blockages in other parts of the machine that may affect engine performance.

1, check the excavator engine oil, oil pressure is normal, can be ruled out;

2, check the fuel quantity is normal, not less than the requirements of the manual;

3, check whether the fuel filter is blocked and clean up if necessary;

4, check whether the radiator is leaking water and replace it if necessary;

5, check whether the turbocharger is damaged or damaged (the turbocharger can be removed for observation);

6. Check whether there are air bubbles in the pipeline from the high-pressure oil pump to injector (if there are air bubbles, you need to repair the injection pump);

7. Check whether the engine is overloaded (such as large resistance during excavation) and reduce the load when necessary;

8. If all of these are ruled out, use a multimeter to measure whether there is voltage output in each injector wire.

Now the case cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution is so popular in world. There are many kinds of Case cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution, like sokkia cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution, USTC cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution, zenith cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution. Every manufacturer produces the Case cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution.

The users also have experienced different problems with these excavators, but if you are using the Zenith cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution or Sokkia cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution, you must pay more attention to engine oil pressure. It is a very important part in the engine. If you neglect it, maybe it will cause damage in the engine. The engine can not work well without oil pressure. The capacity of oil with Case cx240b excavator electrical problem and solution is almost equal to mercedes oil for bmw cars. 

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