what is komatsu excavator diagnostic tool? Recently, I met a customer who came to our company for repair. The model of this excavator is PC200-8. After testing, we found the emission diagnosis error, in the end we checked the vehicle and found that one of the spark plugs has problems, after replacing it with a new one and repairing it well, then we can see that there is no more problem when running it on the road.

komatsu excavator Engine running, brake pedal applied.

The “mode” button on the dash is pressed and held for 5 seconds. The item number will be displayed (wait a second or two for this to happen). Now press the “mode” button again until you get to the code you want to remove. Press and hold the “set” button until the item number disappears (which means it is cleared). Keep holding the “set” button and press the “mode” button once again.

This will take you to the next item. To clear another code, just repeat this step until all codes are cleared. Now start your engine and check your diagnostic panel again. If there are new codes, then write them down and let us know what they are.

codes on komatsu excavator

Hold mode and start buttons until komatsu excavator beeps 5 times

Use the following procedure to clear codes on a Komatsu excavator:
Turn the key switch to the OFF position. Push and hold both the MODE and START buttons until the display beeps five times. The display will be showing the codes. Scroll through the codes using the arrow buttons. The code displayed is a two-digit number. The first digit describes the system that caused the code, and the second digit is a specific code for that system. When you’re done looking at a code, press MODE to advance to the next code. When you’re finished, press and hold both MODE and START buttons again until it beeps five times. Turn off key switch and restart.

komatsu excavator Release mode button

1. Turn the ignition key to the ON position.
2. Press and hold the “Release” button for five seconds until the maintenance indicator lights flash. The “Operation Hour Meter” is reset, but all other settings are retained in memory.

3. Press the “Travel Mode” button, and then press and hold the button for five seconds to save your changes and turn off the maintenance indicator lights.

4. Turn off the ignition key.

check to see that komatsu excavator code has gone away

A Komatsu excavator can generate trouble codes for specific problems. For example, if you’re having a problem with the engine, the excavator will send a code to warn you that there’s an issue.
When this happens, the machine will automatically record a code that can be used to help you diagnose and repair the problem. The good news is that these codes are easy to clear. You just have to follow a few simple steps. Turn off the excavator and locate the diagnostic port, which will be located somewhere in the dashboard of the machine.

Insert your diagnostic tool into the port, then turn on the engine of your machine. Follow your tool’s instructions to cycle through all of the stored codes on your machine until you find the one that’s causing a problem. Write down or print out any codes that you find so you’ll be able to refer to them later. Cycle through all of these codes again, clearing each one as you go until they’re all gone from your system.

Take advantage of Software to Clear Error Codes on Komatsu Excavators

There are a number of reasons why you may need to clear codes on Komatsu excavators. While some owners may choose to take their heavy equipment to a repair shop, the truth is that many of these issues can be easily handled with affordable software.

While some of the issues are minor, others can completely shut down your excavator until the problem is resolved. If you have been having error codes and have relied on a repair shop, you may want to consider investing in a system that allows you to clear those codes yourself. One of the reasons why using software can save you money is because it saves time. When your excavator is in working order, it is generating income for your business.

If it isn’t working, then it isn’t doing anything but taking up space and costing you money every day it isn’t operational. How to Clear Codes on Komatsu Excavators The first thing that you need to do when troubleshooting an error with your excavator is to check the codes. The error code should give you an indication as to what the problem might be. In some cases, resetting the codes may fix the issue while in other cases more extensive troubleshooting will be required.

This guide shows you how to clear codes on Komatsu excavator

The first thing to do is pull the battery disconnect. This should unlock the door and allow you to get at the monitor. Next, take off the front bezel and unplug the ribbon cable leading to the monitor. Now remove the four screws holding the monitor in place and carefully remove it from its mount.

You’ll notice that there are two circuit boards inside, one mounted on each side of the LCD screen (they’re connected by a ribbon cable). Unscrew all of the small screws holding these boards in place and carefully remove them from the case. You may have to use a flat screwdriver or something similar to gently separate them from their mounting points.

Now look for any capacitors that look slightly bulged or leaking electrolytic fluid on either board. If you find any, replace them with identical value components found at your local electronics store (make sure they’re installed with proper polarity). If there’s no damage to either board it’s probably safe to assume that they don’t need replacement — but if you want to be 100% sure, replace all of them anyway. Reinstall everything (make sure you get it right this time.


Some codes are easier to clear than others, but the same tactics can be applied in most cases. For example, the code P0353 for the Mercedes-Benz W215, W240 and W251 models is the same on Daimler Chrysler engines with coil packs, so the instructions work for both. The process involves clearing individual cylinder misfires using switch S1 under the hood. Note that often ABS or stability control faults will clear themselves after ten ignition cycles. And as always, turning off TC prevents this type of trouble in the first place.

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