Hydraulic pressure is an important function in a hydraulic system. It is used to activate the valves, cylinder, and pumps. A pump is used to transmit the high pressure oil towards your valve and cylinder. If you know how to release hydraulic pressure kubota excavator, it will be very helpful for you in absorbing the hydraulic energy when starting/stopping the machines.

find the kubota excavator control valve

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close the kubota excavator safety valve

Kubota excavators are some of the finest machines on the market. Like any other piece of machinery, they require proper maintenance to operate correctly. The safety valve is one of these preventative measures. It is located on the hydraulics system of the Kubota and must be closed periodically.

Follow these steps to close the Kubota excavator safety valve:

Park your kubota mini excavator in a safe spot, out of the way and away from other vehicles or people. Turn off the engine to allow it to cool down completely before you attempt to perform any maintenance work on it.

Locate the safety valve located at the back of the machine, near the hydraulics system. This is generally next to a small red switch that reads “safety valve.”

switch on the kubota excavator release lever

With the Kubota excavator, one has to switch on the release lever so that it is in the correct position. Switch on the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic excavator, and allow it to run for a little while. This will ensure that the hydraulic fluid is lubricating all parts of the excavator.

Then, one needs to pull back on the boom control lever and let it go free. This should cause the boom to move slightly forward. The next step is to pull back on the bucket control lever and then let it go free as well. This should cause the bucket to move forward slightly. Now, pull back on both levers and then let them go free at once. This should cause both the boom and bucket to move forward together.

To work with the Kubota excavator, the operator must first start it. After starting the engine, you should switch on the emergency stop switch. This is where the release lever is located. The lever has a red color that makes it easy to recognize.

The next thing you need to do is to put the parking brake on and then press the “release” button for about 1 second. After that, you should pull back the lever to release it from its neutral position.

To start working with a Kubota excavator, you must move the lever forward by pushing it towards the right. When you do this, you should make sure that the bucket is not in contact with any object so as not to cause damage during operation.

Moving backwards is also possible by pressing down on the left side of the lever. You can also push up at any time if you want to go into reverse mode or just stop moving forward when necessary.

If there are no obstacles in front of you, then moving forwards should be easy enough because there will be nothing blocking your way!

note: if there are obstacles in front of us, it may be difficult for us to get past them without hitting something else along our journey*

retighten the kubota excavator safety valve

there are 3 valves under the seat. 1 is for the seat, 1 is for the engine cutout and 1 is for the fuel shut off. if it’s not one of those, i would be looking at the safety valve if you have one on your machine. if you do have one, i would also check that there isn’t an air leak in your system before you retighten it.

Loosen the jam nut on top of the safety valve with a wrench and turn the knurled adjuster out until fully open (clockwise).

Open the two tap valves slowly to isolate any leaks. If the tap valves open without leaking air from anywhere else, then close them and re-tighten up the safety valve to its full closed position (counter clockwise).

1. Open the front door of the turret, remove the screw on the side of the door, and open the transparent cover of the safety valve;

2. Use a wrench to loosen the lock nut on the safety valve;

3. Turn the adjusting screw of the safety valve clockwise with a wrench, and tighten it until it reaches 1/2 turn;

4. If there is no oil in the sight glass, add oil to turn on and off several times until there is oil in the sight glass;

5. Adjust to maintain as much pressure as possible after starting and running for 10 minutes (the maximum pressure is 158MPa).

release hydraulic pressure kubota excavator

As for me, i’d stick to checking the oil level daily without fail and keeping a watchful eye on the temperature gauge. I would also check the oil filter and take it out and clean if necessary.

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