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john deere 270 excavator Hydraulic oil temperature is high

The hydraulic system on the John Deere 270 excavator relies on oil to operate efficiently. The oil temperature of the hydraulic system must remain at a certain level for it to work properly. If the oil temperature becomes too high, the excavator will automatically shut down to prevent internal damage. If you see a message that says “hydraulic oil temperature is high” or if the excavator shuts down, there are several possible causes.

If you see a message that says “hydraulic oil temperature is high” or if the excavator shuts down, there are several possible causes.

Dirty Air Filter

The air filter in the cab of the excavator removes dirt and other particles before they reach the coolers that cool hydraulic fluid. The air filter should be replaced regularly to keep it from becoming dirty and clogged with debris. A dirty air filter reduces airflow through the coolers, which can cause hydraulic fluid to overheat.

Dirty Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter removes dirt and debris before it reaches the engine compartment where it could damage components. If a clogged or dirty engine air filter is not replaced or cleaned regularly, debris can obstruct coolant flow through the radiator.

john deere 270 excavator

Worn john deere 270 excavator hydraulic oil

I have a john deere 270 excavator. when i bought it i had the hydraulic oil changed. it was black with metal in it. the pump had been replaced and so were the cylinders. i have had it for about 3 months, and now the oil is black again. I am wondering if there is a way to tell if it is worn out seals that are letting the oil by and go into the engine or if the cylinders are bad again.

I have been very careful about not overheating it since i bought it. when i first start digging, i will only dig and load for about 5 minutes, then rest for a couple minutes before digging more.

john deere 270 excavator Oil cooler bypass valve failure

The oil cooler bypass valve will fail in the open position and cause the engine to overheat. The oil cooler bypass valve is located on the left side of the oil filter base. If you want to confirm this as the problem, you will need to remove the oil filter (which is a pain in the rear) and use a small mirror to look inside the oil filter base. You will be able to see whether or not the plunger is stuck in the open position.

If it is indeed stuck in the open position, you can remove the valve by removing 2 hex head screws that hold it in place on top of the housing and then pulling it straight out. This will require a little bit of force due to its pressure fit into the housing. Once removed, you can examine it for any signs of wear and replace if necessary.

john deere 270 excavator Solenoid valve or pressure relief valve failure

When you only have a certain amount of money to work with, there are many ways to get the equipment you need. There are companies that offer a variety of leasing options, as well as those that will sell used equipment. Your budget will be the ultimate deciding factor in how you choose to get what you need.

If you are trying to decide between purchasing new or used construction equipment, there are many factors to consider. Some things to think about when making your decision include:

Durability – It’s not uncommon for some construction equipment manufacturers to produce equipment that lasts less than one year under extreme conditions. Repairs on newer equipment can be expensive and time-consuming. Make sure you do research on brands and models before making any purchasing decisions.

Cost – If buying new isn’t an option for your company, consider renting or leasing the machinery you need. This is a great way to keep your operating costs low while still having access to the latest machinery.

Initial investment is less – When purchasing used construction equipment, the initial investment is obviously less than if you were buying new.

You can upgrade older models – Newer technology allows you to upgrade older models, which means they may perform better than newer ones! You can also save money by upgrading instead of replacing entire pieces of machinery.

The john deere 270 excavator oil suction pipe is blocked or the sealing ring of the pump inlet port is damaged

1. Check the fuel supply system;

2. Whether the fuel filter is clogged, whether the diesel is too thick, whether the oil tank mouth is clean, whether there is debris in the air pipe;

3. Whether the fuel injector has any problems;

4. Whether the exhaust pipe is blocked (the exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly);

5. Whether the high pressure oil pump is damaged (the high pressure oil pump should be overhauled every 2000 hours);

6. The suction pipe of the high pressure oil pump or the sealing ring of the inlet port of the high pressure oil pump is blocked or damaged;

7. Whether there is a problem with the fuel system control valve (fuel system control valve overhaul every 1000 hours).

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john deere 270 excavator Hydraulic pump failure and circuit fault caused by impeller, rotor, cam ring and shaft wear

The hydraulic pump is one of the key components of the swing drive circuit. Its main function is to convert the mechanical energy of the power unit into oil pressure energy, and then send it to the actuator through high-pressure tubing and valves to achieve mechanical work. The hydraulic pump uses a fixed gear pump (fixed displacement) or a variable gear pump (variable displacement) as its working element.

The gear pump consists of a pair of gears that mesh with each other. The exterior of each gear has an oil chamber, which is filled with oil when the two gears rotate in opposite directions. As long as the gear rotates, there will be a volume difference in each oil chamber, so that the oil in the oil tank will be sucked into one side and transported to the other side. Due to continuous rotation, the two sides are alternately sucked and discharged in turn, thereby forming an endless cycle of suction and discharge.

A small amount of leakage from the meshing gap between the gears and housing is required to form a closed circuit, which provides lubrication for moving parts and forms a pressure difference in each working chamber to work.

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