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john deere 490e excavator Fuel system malfunction

Generally the rail pressure sensor is either bad or it is not getting a good ground. This fault can also be caused by a faulty injector, in which case you will get the code for the injector that is bad as well.

1. Fuel System Malfunction. The fault is recorded by the ECM and is active if the engine does not respond to a fuel increase command from the ECM.

2. Low Fuel Pressure. The fault is recorded by the ECM and is active if the fuel pressure is less than 590 kPa (85 psi) for more than 1 second.

3. High Fuel Return Pressure. The fault is recorded by the ECM and is active if the fuel return pressure is greater than 690 kPa (100 psi) for more than 1 second.

4. Low Fuel Supply Pressure. The fault is recorded by the ECM and is active if the fuel supply pressure is less than 590 kPa (85 psi) for more than 1 second.

5. High Fuel Supply Temperature. The fault is recorded by the ECM and is active if the fuel supply temperature exceeds 80° C (176° F) for more than 5 seconds.

6. Low Engine Speed Signal Indicating No Engine RPM Signal Detected By The Electronic Control Module (ECM). Check For Proper Power And Ground At The Electronic Control Module (ECM).

john deere 490e excavator

john deere 490e excavator Faulty sensor circuit

The John Deere 490E excavator is a heavy-duty piece of equipment. The sensors that are used around the machine are essential for keeping it running and functioning properly.

The 490E excavator has several sensors around the machine that give constant feedback to the operator and allow the computer to run the machine. If any one of these sensors begins to malfunction, it can cause serious problems with the operation of the machine.

If you find that your John Deere 490E excavator is having problems with a sensor, then you need to take care of them right away. If you let them go too long without fixing them, then they could end up causing serious damage to your machine.

If you are having trouble finding any of the sensors on your John Deere 490E excavator, then there is a good chance that they have been damaged. This is because most of these sensors are located in areas that are difficult to reach. If this is the case, then you will want to call a professional to come out and check them out for you so that they can make sure everything is working properly again.

Inadequate john deere 490e excavator engine coolant temperature

The coolant temperature sensor is one of the most important engine management sensors as it directly measures the temperature of the coolant and relays this information to the engine control module so that it can make appropriate changes to the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.

Inadequate john deere 490e excavator engine coolant temperature can result in low fuel economy, high exhaust emissions, and poor performance

The problem is that when it fails, getting a diagnosis may be tricky, since the problem could be caused by a number of things.

john deere 490e excavator Mal-functioning throttle position sensor

The John Deere 490E Excavator is a machine that is used for construction. Like all other machines, it will have some issues. Many people have complaints about the throttle position sensor malfunctioning. This is not uncommon as many other cars, trucks and even lawnmowers experience this problem.

The throttle position sensor gives the computer feedback about how far the throttle has been pressed down. A bad sensor can cause problems with the engine not getting enough fuel or getting too much. The symptoms of a bad throttle position sensor include engine hesitation, surging or stumbling when accelerating or when driving up a hill, a rough idle and reduced fuel economy.

The throttle position sensor on the John Deere 490E excavator should be tested with an electronic testing device known as a multimeter. The goal of this test is to see if there are any short circuits in the sensor’s wiring and also check to see if there is any voltage going through the wires.

Testing of the wiring should start with engine off. Next turn on the ignition key but do not start up the vehicle. Check to see if there is any voltage reading between battery positive and ground in both the red/white and black wires from the connector of the throttle position sensor.

Restricted john deere 490e excavator air inlet screen or air filter elements

Air filters should be maintained at the recommended intervals to obtain maximum engine performance and extended engine life. The air filter elements should be removed and inspected at every oil change interval. A restricted element will cause excessive engine wear, increased fuel consumption, reduced power, and possible damage to the turbocharger.

1. Check and clean the air inlet screen (A).

2. Remove the air cleaner and check the air filter element. Clean, dry, or replace as necessary. Install the air cleaner.

3. Start and run the engine at high idle speed. If engine speed picks up after cleaning or replacing the air filter element, then filter element restriction was causing the problem.

4. If cleaning or replacing the filter element does not help, use a vacuum gauge to check for a restricted breather tube or hose (B).

Service john deere 490e excavator fuel filters

Looking for John Deere 490E Excavator fuel filters? You’ve come to the right place. We sell a wide range of new aftermarket, used and rebuilt 490E replacement fuel filters to get your machine back up and running quickly.

Give us some details about your John Deere Excavator, and the fuel filters you need, and we’ll get back to you quickly with our best price. We guarantee our replacement parts meet or exceed OEM specifications. Please complete the information requested below and one of our customer service agents will follow up with you by the end of the next business day.

The above mentioned tips and solutions will be very helpful to fix the john deere 490e problems

The above mentioned tips and solutions will be very helpful to fix the john deere 490e problems. The parts of the John Deere 490e excavator are hard to find, but you can find them on online websites like eBay and Amazon. You should look for the best quality parts as they will provide you with the best performance.

If you have a technical problem with your John Deere 490e then you should call the manufacturer directly. They will send a technician to your home to diagnose the problem and solve it for you. The technician will also show you how to avoid future problems with this type of equipment.

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