John Deere 690d Excavator is one of the better models in this company. This excavator has a power of 184 HP that give 925 lbs-feet at 1200 RPM. For the size and power, this machine is light in weight. This thing makes it even easier to operate than its competitors. The weight only equals to 4529 pounds which is really less as compared to other branded machines. Although there are some minor problems with this machine that I am going to discuss in this blog post in detail.

john deere 690d Hydraulic oil pressure is too high

The oil pressure in your John Deere 690d is too high. The machine has a hydraulic system that supplies power to the rotating drum. A high pressure valve opens to allow the hydraulic oil to flow from the pump into the hydraulic cylinder, which then pushes the piston. If this occurs, it could cause damage to your hydraulic system if not fixed immediately.

The hydraulic pressure gauge for John Deere 690d is located on top of the oil filter housing, right next to the oil filter. You can access it by removing the plastic cover on top of the housing and removing the four screws holding it down. Once you get it open, you’ll see a small plastic tube connected to a metal fitting on top of the housing. This is where you should connect a hose with a fitting so that you can monitor your oil pressure. If you don’t have one yet, it’s important that you get one as soon as possible because it will help prevent damage from occurring.

You may also want to look into getting an inline filter for your John Deere 690d Hydraulic system. These are simple devices that connect directly to your main hydraulic line and filters out any dirt or debris that might be present in there before it enters into your system. They’re relatively inexpensive.

john deere 690d

john deere 690d Hydraulic oil temperature is too high

Check and eliminate the reasons for excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil. The most likely cause is that there are metal particles or other sundries in the hydraulic oil. These impurities are easy to block the pores of the filter, thus causing it to be blocked.

1. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too low, which reduces the friction resistance between the parts and increases the power loss of the system.

2. Insufficient oil supply, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity of the cooler.

3. The oil return pipeline or pollen filter is blocked, reducing its cooling capacity.

4. The cooler leakage, low cooling capacity.

john deere 690d Oil pressure is too low

This is normal. The oil pressure should be around 50-55psi at idle when warm. It may drop to around 15-20 psi when the engine is hot and idling.

The low pressure gauge (the one that goes to 10psi) is unreliable, so ignore it. The high pressure gauge (0-120psi) is a better indicator of oil pressure, but you need to run the engine for at least 30 seconds before using it as an indication of oil pressure.

If your engine does not start or runs rough, or if you have a no-start condition, then you have a different problem and it’s probably not related to oil pressure, unless the engine is low on oil.

john deere 690d Oil pressure at the pilot circuit is too low

It is not a good idea to have the oil pressure at the pilot circuit too high. The pilot circuit is what controls the implement hydraulics which are only rated for a certain amount of pressure. If you have too much pressure, you can damage the pilot circuit, or cause other problems because the pilot circuit is designed for a specific pressure (usually about 700-1200 PSI).

What you need is to adjust your main relief valve to where it needs to be. What happens when you turn it up to 3500 PSI? Does it hold there, does the oil bypass out of the valve, does it effect the performance of the machine? If your machines performance is suffering when you turn it up to 3500 PSI, then you will need to rebuild your main relief valve.

If you want me to tell you how to do that, let me know. As far as adjusting your spring goes, I would only mess with that as a last resort.

john deere 690d Battery voltage is low

john deere 690d Battery voltage is low. Before checking the battery, make sure that the alternator and the regulator are working properly.

The minimum voltage at the battery during charging should be 13.5 volts with a fully charged battery and an engine running at fast idle (1000 rpm). If you have less than that, first test the alternator and then test the regulator.

Make sure all connections are clean and tight on both ends of each cable. Poor connections will cause voltage drops. The reading at the battery terminals should be 0.05 to 0.15 volts less than that at the alternator output terminal (where the alternator output wire connects to the regulator).

Checking a 12-volt battery:

  • Turn off all electrical equipment on the machine.
  • Connect a voltmeter across the battery terminals as shown in Figure 1 .
  • Start and run the engine at fast idle speed for about 10 minutes before reading the voltmeter. The reading should be at least 12.3 volts with a discharged battery or 13.5 volts with a fully charged battery (no load).

The john deere 690d engine coolant temperature is too high

The John Deere 690d engine has a coolant temperature sensor (CTS) that sends the temperature of the coolant to the computer. The computer will turn on the engine coolant fan at a certain temperature to help cool the engine. Each time you start your car, the CTS will send a reading to the computer. If this reading is too high or too low, or if there is an issue with the wiring of the sensor, then you will get an error message, such as “engine coolant temperature is too high” in your instrument cluster.

If you see this error message, then you should stop driving and shut off your vehicle immediately. Driving while this error message is displayed can cause serious damage to your engine and void your warranty.

To fix this problem, you need to determine what is causing it. Here are a few common causes:

Faulty CTS: This sensor can fail for various reasons. If it fails completely, it will read 0 ohms of resistance, which will cause your car to think that it’s very cold outside even though it’s not. To test this part, you need an ohmmeter and a thermometer (or some other way to tell how hot your engine is). Start by testing the

The john deere 690d engine coolant level is low

The John Deere 690d engine coolant level is low. and the engine will overheat without the coolant fluid being properly maintained.

The coolant fluid should be at the proper level to begin with when you purchase your new machine. The level of the coolant fluid is indicated by a marking on the side of the radiator that shows how much fluid will be needed to fill up the radiator.

The John Deere 690d engine coolant level is low because there are two different types of fluids that can be placed in this particular type of engine. These fluids are water and anti-freeze, which are usually used in combination with each other.

Water can evaporate due to heat, and this results in a loss of water. This is why it’s important to add anti-freeze to the system, since it won’t evaporate as quickly as water does, but instead will stay in place and prevent evaporation from taking place.

john deere 690d

john deere 690d Air cleaner clogged – cleaning required

The John Deere 690d Excavator is known for being one of the strongest and most powerful excavators in its class. It is also known for being a machine that can be used to do several jobs at once. For example, it can be used to dig a trench and then move on to digging a hole in the ground.

The John Deere 690d Excavator is also known for being very easy to maintain. This is because it is equipped with several different filters, which help keep the engine running smoothly. The filters should be replaced every few months or so, but it is important to make sure that they are kept clean as well.

It is also important to make sure that the air filter on your John Deere 690d Excavator is also clean. The air filter helps keep the air cleaner from getting clogged with dust and debris, which can cause problems with the engine running properly. In order to keep the air cleaner from getting clogged, you will want to make sure that you are cleaning the air filter regularly.

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