looks at john deere 690b excavator problems – and the solutions to these problems that you need to watch out for when it comes to your excavator. These are the kinds of issues that you can easily face on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the sort of problems faced by these kinds of machines should never be taken lightly.

john deere 690b excavator no engine oil to the oil cooler

There could be various reasons why you don’t have oil pressure at the cooler and that is why you are loosing oil.

The first thing I would do is check the oil filter. If it is plugged, or if there is a restriction in the line to the oil filter, you will loose oil pressure.

If the oil filter was blocked, you would see pressure on your gauge when you open the block drains on the sides of the cylinders.

If not then I would take off a line to the cooler and see if there is any flow out. If not then I would put a hose on it and run it into a bucket to see if any flows out. If not then you have something in your pump that has restricted the flow or possibly broken one of the gears inside. That is why I ask if you have ever opened up your pump before to clean out any debris as it could be possible that a piece of metal got caught in there and broke something up inside.

john deere 690b excavator

john deere 690b excavator engine oil pressure low

I have recently bought a John Deere 690B excavator with a Cummins engine that has some issues. The machine does not start if the air intake is cold. If I open the air intake and pour hot water on it, it starts fine. After a few minutes of operation, the engine oil pressure drops from 80-100 PSI to 40-50 PSI and the engine shuts down. I changed the oil and filter, but no improvement.

After that, I changed the oil pump, but no improvement.

My mechanic says that he opened the main bearings and they are in good condition, so there is no metal particles in the oil system.

The engine has never been rebuilt before, so I guess all components are original (except for the oil pump).

john deere 690b excavator hydraulic noise

The hydraulic pump is a Vickers 2520V-17A1C22R. The noise sounds like a groaning type noise. It is heard when the machine is idling and when it is working.

The noise only happens when the engine is under load, not at idle. The sound does not change with engine speed. I have a video of the machine on my laptop but I can’t figure out how to upload it to this site.

There are two hydraulic pumps on the machine, one runs the swing and the other runs everything else. The swing pump makes no noise but the other pump makes this groaning type noise.

john deere 690b excavator hydraulic pump failure

This is a failure that I found in a John Deere 690B excavator. The customer complains that the machine is losing power and not going up in RPM’s as it normally does. When I got there to look at it, the first thing I did was raise the engine cover to check the fluid level. The level was good and the fluid was clean so I started the machine up and let it warm up. I looked online for some diagnostic procedures for this model of John Deere excavator but could not find anything.

I decided to unhook the pressure line off of the pump and put a pressure gauge on it to see what kind of pressure I had across the pump. When I did this, the oil sprayed out all over me, which told me that there was no pressure being built up across the pump so I knew that there was an issue with either a relief valve or some kind of valve inside of the hydraulic pump itself.

I also noticed when looking at my pressure gauge that there was air trapped in my gauge line and this caused my gauge to bounce around quite a bit while looking at it.

john deere 690b excavator hydraulic travel, lift and tilt functions slow or inoperative

The following information is provided as a guide to the troubleshooting and repair of this machine. The guidelines may be useful in other machines which have similar or equivalent components and systems.

1. Run the engine and move the travel lever through the full range of travel. Is there any difference in performance? If YES, proceed to step 2. If NO, proceed to step 5.

2. Perform Quick Check, section 19-00-1, “Travel Problem Quick Check”, on page 19-14. Did you find and correct the problem? If YES, return to step 1 and retest (TEST 3). If NO, proceed to step 3.

3. Are both hydraulic filters clean? If YES, proceed to step 4. If NO, clean or replace both hydraulic filters; return to step 1 and retest (TEST 3).

4. Do all hydraulic hoses have good connections and are not leaking? If YES, proceed to step 5. If NO, tighten or replace all loose or leaking hoses; return to step 1 and retest (TEST 3).

5. With the engine running at low idle speed:

* a) Move the Control Pattern Selector Valve (CPSV) lever from NORMAL PATTERN position toward SINGLE PATTERN position until the travel speed decreases 50% of normal speed.

* b) Move the CPSV lever back

john deere 690b excavator undercarriage drive problems

First step was to replace the drive chain and sprockets, which was not difficult. The manual said to disconnect the machine from the power source, but I did not do so. The chain tensioner had a spring that made it difficult to adjust, so I cut the spring with a hacksaw blade, and adjusted the tension by hand.

The real problem began when I tried to install the two drive motors for each side. The motors were big and heavy, and it was a tight fit. It took several tries to get them in place. Each motor has a hydraulic line going into it, which is fastened with a metal clip on one end of the hose and a screw fitting on the other end. I could not get this fitting to screw into the motor inlet port. And I could not remove the metal clip from either hose.

john deere 690b excavator track rollers are loose on sprocket shafts

I have a deere 690b excavator that I bought with a broken track. It had a few blown bushings and the sprocket shaft was bent. I replaced the blown bushings and straightened the sprocket shaft. The track is installed on the machine, but when I put it on the ground, I can see that the rollers are loose on the sprocket shafts and will turn freely by hand. I have tried to get them to tighten up without success. The rollers do not have any kind of keyway or pin to keep them from turning on the shafts.

I recently purchased a JD690B excavator at auction. I haven’t had a chance to do much work on it yet, but I did notice that when I rotate the track it moves up and down about 1/4″ on the sprocket shafts.

I have looked over the sprockets and rollers, and can’t find any obvious problems. The rollers are worn, but they’re not worn as much as they should be to explain this movement. The teeth on the sprocket are also in good shape. I don’t find any abnormal wear on either the sprocket or the roller.

john deere 690b excavator

john deere 690b excavator center pin studs are loose in track frames

I have a john deere 690b excavator that has center pin studs that are loose in the track frames. They have tapped and threaded holes. The threaded hole is in the end of the stud so that it can be turned into the frame.

I have tried to use blue loctite, red loctite and anti-seize lubricant on the threads with no success.

Is there a better way to do this, or is there a tool or bit to get down inside the track frame far enough to tighten up these studs?

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