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komatsu excavator starting problems :Engine not cranking

The Komatsu excavator engine is not cranking or the diesel engine is not starting. Cranking can be defined as the action of turning over the engine by means of a starter. In many cases, the cranking system of the Komatsu excavator can be divided into two parts: one is the electric cranking system, and the other is the manual cranking system. The following are some common problems and solutions for them.

1) Engine not cranking

This problem will be due to a low battery voltage or a bad battery connection. So please check that firstly; it may also be caused by a faulty starter solenoid or starter motor, which should be checked as well; finally, it could also be caused by a poor ground connection between the starter and the engine block.

2) Manual cranking

The reasons for this issue will be a stuck piston ring, frozen bearings or gear, or worn out parts. It may also be caused by improper oil viscosity, insufficient fuel pressure, faulty fuel injectors, improperly adjusted injectors or valve clearance, or clogged exhaust pipe.

komatsu excavator starting problems

komatsu excavator starting problems :Loss of spark or fuel injector signal

Usually, the excavator’s low-voltage electrical equipment, relay switches, and control units are often damaged by lightning strikes. In the rainy weather of summer, the maintenance personnel must be careful to perform the inspection work on a regular basis. If you find that there is a problem with a certain part of the system, you can replace it in time.

In addition to lightning strikes, excavators may also fail due to improper maintenance and use. The most common problems are:

1. Loss of spark or loss of fuel injector pulse signal. In this case, check whether the ignition coil is faulty or if it has been damaged by oil dirt; check whether the ignition module is faulty; check whether the engine speed sensor is faulty; check whether the camshaft sensor is faulty; and check whether there is an open circuit in the wiring harness.

2. Lack of fuel supply. In this case, check whether the fuel supply system has air leakage; check whether there is air leakage between the intake manifold and the throttle valve and between the throttle valve and the intake pipe; check whether there is a defect in the fuel filter or its outlet pipe; check whether there is air.

komatsu excavator starting problems :Weak battery

1. The voltage is too low or too low when the engine is not working, and it should be replaced with a new battery immediately. If you charge it, you can only extend the use time, but it will not solve your problem.

2. The voltage is normal when the engine is not running, but the engine does not start or does not work well after starting, indicating that the battery may be broken. If you recharge it, you can temporarily solve the problem, but in the future it may still fail to start. The best way is to replace a new battery.

3. After starting the engine, it is found that there is no voltage on one side of the test line or both sides are too low (less than 12V). It indicates that there may be two breakdowns at this point: one is that one line of the battery terminal is disconnected from the positive and negative lines (or directly equivalent to the positive and negative lines); another is that There is a short circuit inside one of them (one side of the internal resistance suddenly becomes very small). It should be checked in time to prevent accidents caused by a short circuit inside it.

komatsu excavator starting problems :Fuel starvation

The fuel supply to the injector is insufficient.

1. Check whether the oil level is below the specified value. If it is below, add it or replenish it in time;

2. If the engine is refueled with a large amount of water, check whether there is water in the tank, if there is water in the tank, remove the water from the tank and change the fuel filter element;

3. Whether the oil pipe joint leaks or not;

4. Whether the oil pump seal ring or gasket leaks or not;

5. Whether the oil pump has a fault;

6. The oil filter element is clogged or not, replace it in time if necessary;

7. The fuel supply pump has been damaged, replace it in time if necessary.

komatsu excavator starting problems :Low compression in one cylinder

Low compression in one cylinder may be caused by several things. One of them is the piston ring wear. Following is how to deal with it:

1. Remove the valve cover and inspect for bent or broken valve springs.

2. Remove the spark plug and insert a feeler gauge between the piston top and the valve pocket cover, then turn engine clockwise. If you feel no resistance, remove the top end of the motor and inspect for a broken piston ring or a damaged cylinder sleeve (liner).

3. When installing new piston rings use a ring compressor that fits properly into the cylinder to avoid damaging the piston rings/piston during installation. Piston rings are usually made from cast iron or molybdenum steel, but some are made from high-strength alloy steel, which must be handled very carefully when installing to avoid damage.

4. Check the valves for proper clearance before reassembling anything else – see ”Valve clearance” on page 10-3-3.

5. Tighten all bolts and nuts according to tightening torque data (see Section 2).

komatsu excavator starting problems

komatsu excavator starting problems :Ignition switch is broken or damaged

The ignition switch is located on the right side of the instrument panel,just above the floor. The switch is a plastic component with a metal key inserted in it. The switch has three positions, LOCK, IGNITION, and START. When you turn the key to one of these positions, two metal contact points are connected to complete an electrical circuit. This allows power to flow from the battery to electrical components such as the starter or to turn on a light bulb for illumination.

When you turn the key to lock position, the metal contact points are separated so that no power can flow through them. In this position all electrical components are completely shut off so that no current can drain from your battery if you happen to leave your lights on when you get out of your car. In this position all accessories (radio, lights etc) will not function.

When you turn the key to IGNITION position, power flows through one set of contact points and into a set of relays or ignition coils which then distribute power to other parts of the vehicle such as your headlights or starter.

When you turn your key in START position, power flows through another set of contact points that allows the starter motor to start turning over.

komatsu excavator starting problems :Starter is broken or damaged

If your excavator is turning over but not starting, you are dealing with one of three problems, either the starter is broken or damaged, your fuel system isn’t working or there’s a problem with the ignition.

Starter Troubleshooting

One of the most common problems associated with an excavator that turns over but won’t start is a damaged or broken starter. The starter motor receives electrical power from the battery and uses it to turn over the crankshaft. If the starter motor is bad, you need to replace it before you can use your excavator. Here are some signs that will tell you if your starter is bad:

You hear a clicking sound when you try to start your excavator. A clicking sound indicates that there’s not enough power getting from the battery to your starter motor. Make sure your battery cables are secure and tighten them if necessary. Check for any corrosion on the terminals and remove it if you see any because corrosion prevents electrical current from flowing through the cable. You can also try jumping your excavator by connecting jumper cables between it and another vehicle.

you can easily solve komatsu excavator starting problems without any hassle at all

Here you can easily solve komatsu excavator starting problems without any hassle at all,Komatsu Excavator are one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the whole world. Komatsu excavators are used for demolition, heavy lifting, mining, and several other purposes.

Although Komatsu is a reliable brand, sometimes issues such as starting problems arise that may force you to look for solutions. Here in this article we are going to discuss some of the most common problems that you might face when you start your Komatsu Excavator. We will also help you with easy solutions so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

The main reason why your Komatsu excavator won’t start is because of the battery because it is the heart of any machine. If your battery is not working properly there is no way that your machine will run smoothly. So here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind about your battery:

The electrolyte level should be high enough so that it touches the bottom part of the cell cap vent wells. If your levels are low then you will have to add distilled water until it reaches its recommended levels.

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