Kubota excavator kx92 3s2 common problems and solution – Kubota excavator problems. Here you will find every problem regarding the Kubota hydraulic excavators and its solutions as far as I can find and our technicians have encountered.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Oil pressure

I have a Kubota excavator KX92-3S2. It has oil pressure problems. The machine has an automatic transmission and the oil pressure comes from the pump. When I start the machine, the oil pressure is above 300PSI for about 10 seconds and then it drops too low until the warning light comes on.

When I check the pressure manually with a gauge, it shows 20 PSI in neutral and 40 PSI in gear at idle speed. The warning light also comes on when I accelerate.

The machine runs fine but I am worried if I need to replace the bearings in the transmission. The manual says that the normal oil pressure is between 50 and 200PSI when driving. I have no experience with this type of transmission but my old machines with manual gears had a separate oil pump for lubricating the gears so they did not depend on engine speed for the oil supply.

Can someone advise me how to check this transmission? Is this a common problem? Does anyone know if it is possible to install an additional hydraulic pump for lubricating the transmission?

kubota excavator kx92 3s2

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Fuel system

The fuel system of the Kubota kx92-3s2 machine is equipped with a tank and a filler neck. The tank has a capacity of 240 liters. The fuel delivery system is controlled by an injection pump, which injects fuel into the cylinder at high pressure.

The kubota excavator kx92 3s2 machine is equipped with a Kubota V3300TIE2B engine. It has four cylinders with a capacity of 3.3 liters. The compression ratio is 17:1. The maximum power of the engine is 57 kW, which corresponds to 77 horsepower. The maximum torque of the engine is 240 N*m, which corresponds to 176 ft.*lb. The machine is equipped with an electronic ignition system and glow plugs that ensure reliable starting in cold weather.

The engine is liquid cooled and starts with a starter motor powered by a 12 volt battery.

The cooling system consists of a radiator and a fan that cools the liquid pumped through it through the radiator. There are two water pumps in the system; one circulates the coolant through the radiator, while the other circulates it through the cylinder block, cylinder head and turbocharger housing.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Water temperature

A friend of mine has a kubota excavator kx92 3s2. Recently the machine was running hot and he was told to check the radiator, water pump and thermostat.

I checked the radiator, nothing in there but clean coolant. I checked the water pump, no problem there either. I removed the thermostat and ran the machine. It didn’t help, still running hot. It doesn’t make any difference with the thermostat on or off, it runs just as hot either way.

My question is why would it run just as hot with no thermostat as it does with one? The manual says it’s supposed to be at 190 degrees without load and 200 degrees under load. After about 15 minutes of operation it’s up to 250 degrees and then starts flashing a high temp warning light.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Battery indicator lamp

With the key in the ‘ON’ position, the battery indicator lamp lights up for 2-3 seconds. If it does not light up, check the battery voltage or replace with a new battery.

Generator Warning Lamp

With the engine running and the key in the ‘ON’ position, if the generator warning lamp lights up, there is a problem with charging of the battery. Turn off all electrical accessories, and have your Kubota dealer inspect your KX91-3S2 immediately.

Electrical System Overload Warning Lamp

When a large current is drawn from the electrical system, this lamp lights up to warn that there is danger of overheating of wires and connectors. Turn off all electrical accessories, have your Kubota dealer check your KX91-3S2 immediately.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Hydraulic pressure

Step 1: Turn on the engine, warm up for 30 minutes, and then turn off the engine.

Step 2: Remove the oil pump filters and carefully clean them with a suitable cleaning solvent (such as diesel), remove all gaskets, O-rings, and washers, and then install them in order.

Step 3: Put the bucket on the ground so that it can be checked whether there are abnormal sounds or leakage during operation.

Step 4: Turn on the engine to see if there is any abnormal sound when starting, such as knocking sound. If there is an abnormal sound, turn off the engine immediately and check the cause. Start again after troubleshooting.

Step 5: Pull the joystick to the maximum position to see if the hydraulic system works normally. If there is no abnormality, return to normal operation.

Step 6: Operate each control valve to observe whether there is any abnormal operation of each part of the excavator. If there is an abnormal situation, stop operation immediately for inspection and repair.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Stick drift

It has been quite a while since I posted, so I thought I would share a problem that I solved.

This problem may not be common but it is something to watch out for.

We started having problems with our Kubota KX92-3S2 excavator with the front right stick drifting to the right when the machine was sitting still. I was getting quite annoyed with this problem because it became harder and harder to find a neutral position for the stick, and when using an attachment that required two people to operate, my operator would have to cramp his hands and wrists into awkward positions just so that we could operate the machine.

I finally decided that I had enough of this problem and took the time to investigate and solve it. After removing some panels from the cab of the machine, I noticed that there was no clearance between the cable coming from the control box (the box with all of the stick controls) and one of the main hydraulic lines that runs along side it. The cable was riding up on top of this hydraulic line and rubbing right against it. This was causing enough friction inside of the cable housing, that it would not return to center when released by the operator.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Boom drift

Kubota excavators are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. The Kubota KX92-3S2 is no exception, offering versatility and digging power in a compact machine. This particular model was built to operate in areas with limited access and space, such as landscaping or road construction projects.

The Kubota KX92-3S2 has a unique track undercarriage that provides the machine with an excellent load distribution and stability. This reduces ground pressure considerably, which enables the machine to work efficiently on soft surfaces. Another great benefit of this design is that it improves the traction of the excavator’s tracks on wet or uneven ground, allowing it to handle wet conditions with ease.

The Kubota KX92-3S2’s boom is designed to work with a variety of attachments such as buckets, hammers, rippers, forks and more. It also features an auto-lubrication system for easier maintenance and improved performance of the attachment tools. The boom is made from high-tensile steel that has been welded together using special techniques to ensure durability in any environment.

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 Bucket cylinder seal kit leaking

I opened the cylinder up and found the rod seals (spongey looking things) were worn badly at the ends where they contact the rod. I then called my local dealer to order new seals. The guy there said i would need an entire new cylinder, rod, and piston all in one piece since they are not sold separately. Is this true? Other than this i saw no damage to the cylinder or other parts inside. Will replacing only the seals be enough to fix my leak?

Also is it easy to replace? I’ve read conflicting information on this, some say its very easy and others say its an all day job. What do you think?

kubota excavator kx92 3s2 common problems and solution

Kubota excavator KX92-3S2 is a very popular crawler excavator, which has been widely used in agricultural construction. There are some common problems and solutions for Kubota excavator KX92-3S2 during its application. We can make a summary of these common problems and find the corresponding solutions.

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