The Kubota diesel engine is a renowned and very popular machine for digging and excavating. Every one of these machines has an accelerator pedal. When the machines are new, there is no problem with the accelerators but as the build of them pass through different years, the accelerators produce problems. The following is a brief outline of what leads to kubota excavator BH75 accel problems then recommendations on how to deal with them.

Kubota Excavator BH75 Accel pedal does not work

The pedal switch is open. The pedal switch is on a common ground circuit. The foot pedal sends a signal to the ECU for the requested speed. If the ECU does not get the signal then it will not increase the engine speed.

The wires between the switch and the ECU should be checked for continuity. There is a connector under the left console by your knee that you can disconnect to test this circuit from there.

There are two sensors behind the pedal, one on each side of the pedal. Both sensors have wires leading to a plug inside the cab. One sensor is green and the other is blue. If a wire is broken in one of these sensors then the pedal will not work, nor will the forward or reverse lights work on the dash. You can test this by removing the wires from these sensors at the plug in the dash and shorting them together with a small screwdriver or paperclip. If all of a sudden you have acceleration and your forward/reverse lights are working then you know that you need to replace one of your pedals or both if necessary, depending on which wire is broken.

When I had this problem I removed both pedals and tested them away from the machine by using an ohm meter across each sensor. The resistance was supposed to be 10 ohms from one side to the other with the pedal depressed and infinite when it was released (open). Any value other than those two readings meant that there was a break in that sensor somewhere and it needed to be replaced. These sensors are very delicate and will break easily if they are not handled carefully when installing or removing them.

kubota excavator BH75

Kubota Excavator BH75 Wont start

The symptoms are the same as yours. The machine will turn over but not start. It will fire on starting fluid for a second, but then it dies.

I have seen some have a bad fuel injector pump, but most of these have been caused by a faulty safety switch on the seat. This switch is wired in series with the starter solenoid and once you engage the solenoid to crank the machine this switch has to close to complete the ground circuit from the starter to the battery. If it doesn’t close or opens while cranking, it will kill the power to the starter and it will not crank. I think its called a neutral safety switch that has two switches one for clutch and one for brake, butt sure they do go bad ever so often.

I have a Kubota BH75 Backhoe that has just stopped working, seems to be partly electrical and partly fuel, the starter is turning over fine, but it wont start, the fuel pump clicks when you turn the key on and off, like its supposed to.

kubota excavator BH75 Engine Stopped While Working & Wont Restart/ Move Forward or Reverse.?

I have a Kubota BH75 backhoe. It has about 500 hours on it. I was working in the yard and noticed that it started to miss some strokes. I thought maybe it was low on fuel so I shut it off, checked the fuel supply and went to start it back up. When I started it back up, it would move at idle but as soon as I put any pressure on the pedals to go forward or reverse, the engine would die.

I tried a few times, but no luck. I then tried to drive it about 30 feet to get out of the way of my work area and the engine would die again as soon as I tried to move the machine. The hydraulics seem fine when the engine is idling in neutral. Any ideas what might be wrong?

The engine could have stopped due to an electrical problem or a mechanical problem. In order to isolate the cause of the problem, I recommend you perform the following tests:

1) Check that the battery is fully charged and it has correct voltage.

2) Inspect all fuses, relays, and switches.

3) Check that the starter receives 12 Volts while cranking.

4) Check the condition of your fuel system (fuel lines, filter, and pump).

5) Inspect all connections at the engine ECU.

6) Verify that there’s no fault codes recorded in the ECU.

Kubota Excavator BH75 Machine died while working and wont restart (no power nothing happens when I turn the key)

I am hoping someone can help me out. I have a Kubota Excavator BH75 that died while I was using it. It was hit by lightning on the same day it happened, but it started up fine after the lightning strike and ran fine for about an hour. Then it just died and would not restart.

I have changed the fuel filters and added diesel to the tank. It still will not start. The only thing that happens is that when you turn on the key, the lights come on (and thats all). Nothing else happens as if there is no power going to the starter motor or anything else for that matter.

The machine is in storage so I am unable to check any other things at this time, but I was hoping someone could give me some ideas of what might be wrong with my machine before I head over there to check some more things out?

Kubota Excavator BH75 Accel Pedal Does Not Work?

The accel pedal does not work. When I push the pedal, the machine does nothing.

The only way I can get the machine to move is by using the “quick shift” lever.

Once I get it moving, I can back up with the reverse pedal and stop with the brake pedal. It just won’t go forward unless I use the quick shift lever.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

-I have removed and checked all of the fuses and they all seem to be working properly.

-I have checked all of the connectors on both of the wiring harnesses (one on each side). They are all plugged in tightly.

-I have inspected all of the wires for any issues (breaks or corrosion) and everything looks fine.

-I have tried disconnecting both wiring harnesses and then reconnecting them while holding down the brake pedal (this sometimes works when you’re having problems starting something). The machine will still not move forward when I push on the accel pedal after doing this.

kubota excavator BH75

The problems of kubota excavator BH75 accel are detailed in this post, there are five common problems of kubota excavator accel and the solutions are also listed here

Kubota engine starting failure:

1.the fuel system is defective, check the compression pressure, whether the fuel pump is too high pressure, or the injector nozzle is blocked.

2.the air cleaner is blocked or the air filter cartridge is wet and dirty.

3.the fuel supply system is faulty, such as insufficient oil in the cylinder.

4.the fuel supply system has a dry head fire phenomenon, which should be immediately stopped and troubleshooting, otherwise it will definitely cause damage to parts and components.

5.the temperature of the intake air is too high (above 30 ° C), which affects the next combustion cycle of gasoline engine.

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