Kubota excavator control lever breakage is a common problem in Kubota excavators. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this problem, sometimes it happens due to negligence. Here are some of the reason why Kubota excavator control lever breakage occurs

kubota excavator Failure of the control rod not back to the original position

The main problem is the hydraulic piston of the valve body. The hydraulic oil network is prone to leakage when it works for a long time, and there is no corresponding compensation hole on the cylinder wall. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to adding oil in time during daily use. It is recommended that you use a high-quality hydraulic oil and pay attention to cleaning the machine at regular intervals.

1. the end of the control cylinder piston rod side, the other end of the pump body and oil circuit components, such as a check valve, relief valve, etc., is not loose.

2. hydraulic oil is too thick, temperature is too low.

3. hydraulic oil filter blockage.

4. hydraulic pump failure or pump pressure drop.

5. hydraulic system leakage (such as a leaky seal).

6. control valve spool stuck or damage, such as a spring fracture.

7. the oil pressure is too low

kubota excavator

The kubota excavator whole machine can not operate

The kubota excavator is a versatile vehicle used in various construction and agricultural applications. In addition to the functions of the bucket, it can also be equipped with flat shovels, rippers, jackhammers, etc. The rotary joint allows the arm to rotate 360 degrees so that the operator can easily control the machine. The boom can reach 3 meters away from the base of the machine and 4 meters high.

After the operation of kubota excavators, it is necessary to check whether there are abnormal conditions in each part of the equipment in time according to different working conditions after work. Failure to check and eliminate potential safety hazards in time may cause greater safety problems during subsequent work or serious safety accidents. Here are some precautions for checking after operation:

1. Check whether there is a fault on the oil pump

2. Check whether the hydraulic oil leaks

3. Whether there is any looseness in each part screw connection

4. Whether there is damage to each part

5. Whether there is an unusual sound when operating each part

Can’t kubota excavator operate the left or right side of the equipment

Have you checked the fuses? If not, before you do anything else, make sure the fuse is good. I have had many machines do this and when I changed the fuse it worked.

If you have a volt meter or amp gauge, you can see if there is power going to the control valves. I think your looking for 12 volts to run them.

Your also going to want to check the switches in the cab and make sure they are sending power to the right places. The switches in these machines are known to go bad. You will want to get a manual and make sure you have power going to where it is supposed to be going and that your switches are working correctly.

When it comes time to change out control valves, I would suggest getting a good book from the library or online to help with this because it can be kind of tricky once you start tearing into things.

1. the circuit is damaged, the right and left electric control device is invalid;

2. the cylinder connecting rod or piston ring of the action mechanism is damaged; The circuit of the

3. electric control device is destroyed and the walking mechanism works abnormally;

4. electric control device circuit damage, walking motor damage, can not play a role in walking;

The automatic swing kubota excavator lock mechanism fails

The automatic swing kubota excavator lock mechanism fails: the gear ring of the swing motor is worn or deformed. The repair method is to replace the damaged parts, adjust and debug.

The automatic swing kubota excavator lock mechanism fails: an oil leak occurs at the base oil seal of the cylinder body of the swing motor. The repair method is to disassemble the oil seal, clean and install it.

The automatic swing kubota excavator lock mechanism fails: there is a fault in the fast-back circuit of the automatic lock function. The repair method is to check and find out the fault point, and eliminate it in time.

1. Excavator oil temperature is too high or oil viscosity is too low;

2. The valve block is in poor contact with the parts, resulting in poor lubrication;

3. There are foreign objects or dirt in the valve block;

4. The valve shaft is worn and stuck due to excessive wear of the sealing ring;

5. The oil pipeline connection is loose;

6. There are problems with the hydraulic oil circuit system itself or other components.

The kubota excavator pilot valve fails

The pilot valve of the excavator is a device that changes the direction and pressure of the hydraulic oil. Its role is to control the opening and closing of the hydraulic oil circuit. The main function is to change the force and pressure of the hydraulic oil, which can be divided into directional control valves, flow control valves, speed control valves and pressure-reducing valves.

Kubota excavators are widely used in open pit mining, road construction, railway construction, water conservancy construction, farmland reclamation and other earthwork engineering. This type of equipment is widely used because it has high work efficiency and can be operated without power supply. But sometimes there will be problems with its pilot valve.

The failure phenomenon of Kubota excavator pilot valve is as follows: when steering left or right, it does not respond at all; there is no response to steering left or right after startup; the steering wheel can only rotate within a certain angle range; if you want to turn in the opposite direction, you must first return to the neutral position; in some cases, even if you don’t touch the steering wheel, it will automatically turn left or right by itself.

For problems with kubota excavator control lever, please contact us for help

For problems with kubota excavator control lever, please contact us for help, we are an experienced and professional manufacturer of excavator parts, we can provide you with good kubota parts.

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