The Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator is one of a few Volvo excavators I am familiar with and they have made themselves quite a name in the construction business. With the versatility that this model offers, it is easy to see why this particular model has been so popular among many building companies.

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Operators

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Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Fuel efficiency

Volvo’s EC360 BLC crawler excavator is powered by a Volvo D16J diesel engine that produces 358 net horsepower at 1,800 rpm. The powertrain features an electronically controlled transmission, which provides smooth gear changes and excellent response.

A new fuel-injection system eliminates the need for a pilot injection and provides the engine with more stable combustion.

The excavator has several fuel-saving features, including an automatic engine idle shutdown feature and an auto-idling function that automatically reduces engine speed when no inputs are activated for more than three seconds.

The machine also has a built-in Eco-gauge that provides real-time feedback on how efficiently the operator is working and compares the current cycle with previous cycles.

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Hydraulics

Work with your Volvo dealer for complete service and support, including genuine parts and accessories.

Choose from a range of attachments to optimize the performance of your machine.

Rely on Volvo’s world-class dealer network for genuine parts, service and support. A global organization with local support.

Volvo dealers offer a wide variety of genuine parts and accessories to keep you productive. We have a wide range of attachments to fit your needs in any application.

Volvo provides a complete line of accessories and attachments to help you get the most out of your machine. We have a wide range of attachments to fit your needs in any application.

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Performance

The Volvo EC360 BLC excavator is the most popular excavator in the mid-sized EC range, and it’s easy to see why. Its low weight and low fuel consumption make it an extremely cost-effective machine to run, while its high digging and lifting forces enable it to take on a wide variety of jobs.

The Volvo EC360 is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers high power and torque at low rpm for fast cycle times. It can easily be converted from standard to long reach applications, making it ideal for general construction, quarrying and demolition work.

One of the key things to note about this excavator is its low weight. The Volvo EC360 BLC weighs just 36 tonnes, making it extremely easy to transport without special transport permits. This means you’ll spend less time and money transporting your machinery, so you can get straight down to work on site.

As well as offering excellent performance, the Volvo EC360 is also exceptionally reliable. The hydraulic system is designed and built by Volvo, so you never have to worry about compatibility problems or breakdowns caused by poor engineering. Plus, thanks to its excellent service life and long service intervals, you can reduce your maintenance costs over time.

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Safety features

The Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator is a reliable and popular machine that provides high productivity, durability and operator comfort. The profitability of your operation depends on it. That’s why the Volvo EC360B LC excavator is equipped with a range of innovative features to keep you safe.

The Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator is a well-built machine for those tough jobs. And there are safety features built in that will help keep you and your crew safe while operating it:

• The cab is engineered to absorb energy in the event of a collision, protecting the operator from injury.

• The seatbelt interlock system prevents movement unless the operator has fastened his or her seatbelt.

• Anti-slip steps, handrails and grab handles provide safe access to and from the cab.

• The hidden rearview mirrors provide an unobstructed view of potential hazards behind the excavator.

• The LED warning lights are highly visible in all conditions, alerting other operators to its presence.

In addition, the Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator is fitted with VOLVO CARE Cab, which offers real-time information about fuel consumption, service intervals and more so you can maximize uptime.

Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator Comfort

The Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment has been designed to provide the operator with a better working environment.

The EC360 BLC is more powerful and fuel efficient than its predecessor, the Volvo EC360. It also includes features that help make it a more comfortable machine to work in for long hours.

The hydraulic system of the Volvo EC360 BLC Excavator has been totally redesigned. The new hydraulic system is capable of providing parallel lift and tilt. This helps when loading trucks because the bucket will not drop as the boom is lifted.

The new hydraulic system on the Volvo EC360 BLC excavator allows it to be equipped with optional quick couplers. A variety of different attachments can be interchanged in seconds, which makes this machine very versatile.

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