Volvo Excavator Keys sometimes get stuck in the ignition switch. This can make the key very difficult to pull out of the switch and it could get damaged if you force it.

I have seen a lot of excavators where the ignition switch is damaged from people trying to pull on the key to release it from the switch. Luckily there is a simple way to unlock your Volvo Excavator Key using another key that matches your Volvo Excavator key code.

Turn the Volvo Excavator Key in the lock located on top of the engine hood

Turn the Volvo Excavator Key in the lock located on top of the engine hood. Locate a small, plastic cover with a raised bar across it. Remove this cover and pull out the key from underneath it. There should also be a fuel shut-off switch located next to the compartment. Turn this switch to the “Off” position.

There is another release for the hood latch, located behind the battery box. Use a screwdriver to remove two screws holding down two metal covers, then unscrew and unclip two more smaller screws holding down two more covers. Pry open the large cover on top of the battery box and locate a small lever inside that is near your right shoulder when looking at the engine hood. Pull this lever to release the hood latch.

Volvo Excavator Key

Twist Volvo Excavator Key counter-clockwise until it stops turning

The ignition key in your Volvo Excavator is a safety device that prevents unauthorized persons from starting the engine. When you insert the key into the ignition and turn it, the tumblers inside the cylinder of the lock move and allow current to pass through to start the engine.

When you turn the key to stop the engine, it is possible that one of these tumblers has not returned to its original position. This will cause the key to become stuck or jammed in the ignition. If this has happened to you, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your car’s headlights

2. Verify that all electrical functions are working properly

3. Twist Volvo Excavator Key counter-clockwise until it stops turning

4. Pull key out of ignition

Pull down on the latch behind the Volvo Excavator Key

The Volvo Excavator Key is the perfect accessory for all your construction needs. Whether you’re building a dirt track or a fence, this key will give you the edge you need.

The Volvo Excavator Key is designed to fit most excavators, so it’s easy to operate and use. It features a strong steel body and an adjustable length for maximum durability. The key is made from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear. With its compact size and lightweight design, it’s easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

The Volvo Excavator Key features a smooth surface that makes it simple to clean and maintain. And because the key is made of sturdy material, it won’t bend or break over time. This means that you’ll have years of reliable service from your Volvo Excavator Key!

If you’re looking for an easy way to unlock your excavator, look no further than the Volvo Excavator Key. With its durable construction and smooth surface, it’s sure to last for years of use without breaking down or getting damaged by regular wear and tear.

Open the engine hood and look for a black knob with red tabs on either side

If you want to turn off the engine on a Volvo excavator, open the engine hood and look for a black knob with red tabs on either side. Lift up the lever and turn it to degrees, then push the lever back down and turn the key counterclockwise. Finally, remove the key from the ignition switch.

Volvo excavators feature an ignition system that requires a key in order to start up. If you need to shut off your machine for any reason, turning off the engine can be done by following a few simple steps.

Open the engine hood. There is an access door on top of the Volvo excavator that opens upward, which gives you access to the control panel and ignition switch.

Find the emergency shutoff lever. This is located next to the ignition switch and should be easy to spot because it’s a large black knob with red tabs on either side.

Pull up on the lever with one hand while turning it degrees clockwise with your other hand. You will then have to push it back down before you can turn it further.

Volvo Excavator Key Twist this knob clockwise to expand it and lock it into place

1. Slide the boom cylinder out to expand it.

2. Twist the knob clockwise to lock it into place.

3. Unlock the bucket from the arm, if necessary.

4. Lower the bucket down onto the ground and raise the arm up and out to its full extension.

5. Twist the knob counterclockwise to unlock it, then slide it in towards the machine as far as it will go.

Volvo Excavator Key Release pressure from the tabs holding the engine cover by pressing them back together again

Disconnect the bottom engine cover bolt on the left side of the engine compartment with a wrench. Remove the upper and lower radiator hoses from their connections on the radiator with a flat head screwdriver. Disconnect the electrical connection to the solenoid valve on the right side of the radiator by pulling off the plug with your fingers.

Pull out all four bolts holding the fuel lines to their fittings on top of the engine with a crescent wrench. Pull off both fuel lines from their fittings and move them aside. Unscrew all three bolts in each fan blade with a socket set and remove both fans from their mounts on top of either side of the engine.

Remove all four nuts holding down both batteries with a crescent wrench, then lift up each battery and disconnect it from its electrical connection beneath it by pulling off each plug with your fingers. Push both batteries aside. Unscrew all four bolts holding down each battery tray by turning them counterclockwise with a socket set and remove both trays from underneath each battery opening on either side of the engine compartment.

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