Cat 215 excavator problems can be solved if you know how. There are simple solutions to these problems that can help you get your job done even in the worst conditions.

cat 215 excavator Stick Cylinder Drift Down, Bucket Cylinder Leaks Down

Replaced both cylinders, the problem remains.

Check the malfunction of the stick and bucket cylinders in the excavator. The main pump pressure is very low, on the verge of pressure drop, and the stick and bucket cylinders drift down. It is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the main pump.

The main pump pressure is 26mpa, and it is judged that there is no problem with the main pump. Check for other problems.

The oil temperature of the main pump exceeds 60 degrees Celsius and falls to normal when cooling occurs. It is judged that there are two problems: one is that the back pressure valve spring inside the hydraulic system is too soft; two may be caused by oil leakage in hydraulic components such as motors or cylinders. The hydraulic system pressure rises too much heat at high pressure, causing oil overheating protection.

cat 215 excavator

cat 215 excavator No Movement in Any Direction

I have a Cat 215 excavator that will not move in any direction, it is stuck and has been for about a week. I am the only one who has used it, so no one else could have done anything to it. I did not do anything out of the ordinary. One day I was working and then the next day it would not move in any direction. It is completely stuck, like someone put it in park or something.

The only thing that happened was when I went to start it up, it turned over very slowly and I assumed the batteries were low and needed to be charged. So I charged them, but when I put them back in, nothing changed and it still would not move in any direction.

I have checked all of the fuses, none are blown. The steering wheel turns just fine, all the gauges work just fine as well. Nothing seems to be wrong with this machine other than the fact that it will not move in any direction. Someone please help!

cat 215 excavator Engine Runs But There is No Hydraulic Output

Engine runs but there is no hydraulic output. It blows no fuses in the cab and has full electrical power to the machine. It’s a cat 215 excavator.

I work on heavy equipment but have never worked on excavators. The machine will not move at all, no boom, arm, bucket or swing movement when attempting to move it by the controls in the cab. I do not hear any pump or motor noises when trying to move anything with the controls. The engine runs perfectly fine and I can even feel the engine vibration through the floor when attempting to move parts of the machine with the controls.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting every plug in sight to see if it would maybe reset something but that did nothing.

I don’t know where to start looking for problems after that.

I have a Cat 215 excavator with a 3306 engine. The engine runs but there is no hydraulic output to the boom, bucket or swing drive. When you turn the key switch on, you can hear the fuel shutoff solenoid click and if you pull the connector off, it will stop running. The park brake will not release. I can hear a click when you push the park brake button, but nothing happens. There are no trouble codes showing in diagnostic software.

cat 215 excavator Swing Parking Brake Will Not Release

This is the perfect video to watch if you’re having trouble with your Cat 215 excavator swing parking brake.

The machine’s owner discovered that the parking brake was no longer releasing. The machine would start, but the swing motors would not move. This was a problem.

When he inspected the hydraulic swing circuit, he discovered that there was something amiss. The hydraulic fluid pressure was much higher than usual when he started the engine.

The owner of this machine decided to find out why his machine had a stuck parking brake and a high hydraulic oil pressure reading. He took some time to troubleshoot the problem and he managed to figure it out.

This video is worth watching if you want to learn what’s going on with your Cat 215 excavator swing parking brake or any other machine with a similar problem.

Attach your pressure gauge to one of the two plugs located at each end of the swing motor pump. There are two different sizes, you will need to use an adapter to fit your pressure gauge. You can use a 1/8″ NPT male x 1/4″ JIC female or a 1/8″ NPT male x 3/8″ JIC female.

Now attach your hand pump and open it all of up until you have 30 psi in your pressure gauge. Hold this for 10 seconds and then close it off completely and wait for 5 minutes.

cat 215 excavator Swing Motor Does Not Provide Sufficient Power

Your excavator is a workhorse that can do more than just dig. It can also do a lot of things other machines cannot. However, it isn’t going to win any races on its own. You need the right equipment to help your machine get the job done.

It’s easy to overlook what you’re missing when you’re buying an excavator, but think of it as part of the bigger picture. That includes such essentials as heavy-duty levers, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders — all the parts that allow your machine to perform those physical feats without breaking down.

But there are other critical components that aren’t in your price range or aren’t readily available. The good news is that there are alternatives so you don’t have to give up on that sweet motor.

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