The mini excavator cat 305 hydraulic problems and solution is by far one of the most detailed Mini excavator cat 305 hydraulic problems and repair guides you will find on the Internet.

mini excavator cat 305 Leakage from the main control valve

This is one of the simplest and most common mistakes. The leakage is usually caused by a broken, worn or unseated o-ring or seal. The location of the leak depends on the location of the faulty seal. The leak can also be caused by a crack in any part of the machine, such as hoses, pipes and other metal parts.

If you have been able to determine that there is a leak in your machine, you will need to replace it with a new one. Fixing this problem can be very expensive, depending on where your seal is located. Before you do anything, you should try to find out what caused the failure of your machine as soon as possible. This way you can avoid making the same mistake again.

mini excavator cat 305

The main mini excavator cat 305 control valve does not work

Excavator failure: The main mini excavator cat 305 control valve does not work. Excavator malfunctioning: The main mini excavator cat 305 control valve does not work.

Cause analysis of the failure:

1. Oil leakage fault

2. Failure of the control switch

3. The oil circuit is blocked or the check valve fails

4. Pressure relief valve failure

5. The pressure reducing valve fails

6. The high pressure oil pump fails

7. Hydraulic oil tank breather failure or air mixing into the system

If the mini excavator cat 305 arm or bucket does not move smoothly

The mini excavator CAT 305 is a popular hydraulic excavator, and it is often the case that the arm or bucket does not move smoothly. The following are some of the reasons.

1.The hydraulic pressure of the excavator cat 305 is too low, so that the arm and bucket cannot work normally.

2.The main valve or pilot valve of the excavator cat 305 is damaged, or there are foreign matters in the pipeline, making it impossible for the oil to flow normally.

3.Excavator cat 305 boom cylinder or bucket cylinder seal damage, oil leakage caused by cylinder action is not normal.

4.There are many reasons for this fault, and we need to check one by one according to these factors to find out whether the fault is caused by which aspect.

mini excavator cat 305 Hydraulic system is too noisy

When working, the pump motor emits a normal noise such as a slight flow of water. If there is an abnormal sound such as howling, it is a sign that the pump body or shaft seal is seriously damaged.

The hydraulic system of the mini excavator cat 305 is too noisy and may be caused by the following reasons:

1.The oil volume in the tank is insufficient;

2.The filter element is blocked;

3.The tank breather device fails to work properly;

4.There are impurities in the hydraulic oil, or the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is not correct;

5.The bearing sleeve of the reducer is damaged;

6.The filter element of the filter screen on the oil return pipe of the reducer fails to work properly;

7.There are air bubbles in the pipeline system.

mini excavator cat 305 Misoperation of the pilot valve

1. The control handle is loosened or the handle is pulled out, and the handle moves to the neutral position. The main pump does not stop working or the main pump only stops for a moment, and then continues to work.

2. When the handle is in one position, pull out the handle and rotate it 90°to make it from one position to another. The main pump works in either direction.

3. When the handle is in one position, pull out the handle and move it to another position when rotating 60-90°, but return to the original position after releasing it.

4. The control handle is loosened or the handle is pulled out, and the movement direction of the controlled object changes with no reason at all, especially when idling (quick response).

The cause of pilot valve failure:

1. Improper selection of valve type; There are two types of pilot valves: single-acting pilot valve and double-acting pilot valve. When selecting a pilot valve, according to different working conditions to determine its type;

2. The connection between oil pressure signal source and signal tube is loose; According to the change of oil pressure signal source voltage signal to select appropriate signal

Mini excavator cat 305 hydraulic problems and solution

If you are having problems with your cat 305 mini excavator, you may be in luck. There are some common problems that can cause the machine to fail. Here is a guide to solving them.

It’s not uncommon for your machine to leak fluid, especially if you have started using it recently. The problem is usually caused by worn or broken seals. You will need to replace the seals to make sure that the fluid does not leak out of the unit. It’s also possible that there is a loose connection in one of the hoses, but this is much less common than a leaky seal.

To solve this problem, you need to first determine where the leak is coming from. A good way to do this is by observing the unit while it’s running and looking for any signs of leaking oil. If you see a small amount of oil dripping down one of the hoses, then it’s probably time to replace that hose. If there is oil everywhere, then it’s most likely a broken seal or hose connection.

Once you have identified where the leak is coming from, you can start replacing parts and testing your excavator out again.

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