In this article we are going to talk about what makes a Cat 329e excavator no crank problems and solution. Although it’s tempting to think that the first time you own the latest piece of heavy equipment the machine is perfect, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, each machine has particular shortcomings that need to be worked out in time.

Replace the cat 329e excavator controller

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cat 329e excavator

Replace the cat 329e excavator fuse on the battery channel

Caterpillar has long been one of the best-selling construction equipment manufacturers in the world. However, even a Caterpillar machine like an excavator may have trouble starting if a 15-amp fuse on the battery channel blows. The fuse is located on top of the starter and can be accessed from the engine compartment.

1 .Open the hood of the Caterpillar 329 excavator and locate the 15-amp fuse on top of the starter motor. The fuse is round and has a transparent cover over it.

2.Remove the fuse by pulling it out of its socket with your fingers.

3.Insert a new 15-amp fuse into the empty socket in place of the old one that you removed earlier. Replace the cover over the new fuse, close up the engine compartment and try starting your Caterpillar 329 excavator again to test whether or not it starts.

Replace the cat 329e excavator starter motor

When the CAT 329E Excavator starts, the battery voltage is reduced to a certain extent and the power supply voltage of the starting motor is also reduced. The starter will start to work when the voltage drop reaches a certain value. The starter that has already begun to work, as long as it continues to operate normally, will continue to start until the engine starts successfully, even if the battery capacity decreases. When the engine is started, no matter whether it is successful or not, the starting motor stops working.

The starter can be started under normal circumstances, but it cannot start under abnormal conditions. For example:

1) The failure of the battery or electrical system causes insufficient power supply;

2) The transmission gear between motor and crankshaft cannot be meshed smoothly due to excessive wear or other reasons;

3) The compression pressure in the cylinder is too small due to mechanical failure of other parts;

4) Engine exhaust gas enters into cylinder due to poor sealing of valve chamber cover, which leads to low oxygen concentration in cylinder and poor ability of burning mixed gas;

5) In high altitude areas where air density is low or cold regions where air temperature is low, engine compression pressure and combustion ability decrease at a large angle compared with those in.

Replace the cat 329e excavator starter motor cable

This video shows how to replace the starter motor cable in a cat 329e excavator. The cable broke because it had been run over and then hit by the track, so the cable was bent and cracked.

The starter motor is located on the back of the engine compartment, mounted on top of the flywheel housing.

In order to access it you need to remove the three bolts that hold it on. The bolts are in red circles in this picture.

Then you can lower it down, disconnect the two electrical connectors, and then pull the cable out of the starter motor.

1. A new cat 329e excavator starter motor cable

2. Replacement tools

3. Replacement parts

4. New cat 329e excavator starter motor cable

5. Replacement tools for the replacement of the cat 329e excavator starter motor cable

6. New cat 329e excavator starter motor cable

The cat 329e excavator groove of belt in tensioner is worn and needs to be replaced

Excessive belt wear can damage other components. It is important to check the belt every daily inspection, and also every 100 hours or monthly for signs of excessive wear. If a belt has excessive wear, it should be replaced immediately. When replacing a belt, always use genuine Caterpillar replacement parts. A non-genuine accessory drive belt that does not meet Caterpillar specifications may have reduced performance, durability, and reliability.

If the cat 329e excavator fault code is stored, you need to read it out through Cat ET and try to clear it

If the cat 329e excavator fault code is stored, you need to read it out through Cat ET and try to clear it. If you can’t clear it, the problem will be more serious. Then you need to repair with a professional technician. However, in order to have a good repair effect, we must first understand the working principle of this caterpillar excavator.

A caterpillar excavator engine is an internal combustion engine, which converts the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical energy by burning fuel in a limited space. A cylinder is a combustion chamber for burning fuel and air mixture and converting the chemical energy of fuel into thermal energy of gas.

The piston is driven by the thermal energy of gas converted from the chemical energy of fuel in the cylinder to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy and transfer it to the crankshaft. The crankshaft converts reciprocating motion into rotary motion and transmits power to various parts or wheels of the vehicle through transmission system, so as to realize vehicle movement or operation.

A cylinder can be regarded as a heat engine, which converts high-temperature heat into mechanical work under the action of pressure difference. The piston can be regarded as a working body that absorbs heat and expels cold during operation.

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