Cat excavator fuel rail problems is a very common fault in CAT excavator.The diesel engine is equipped with a high-pressure rail system, which is connected to the injector nozzle. When it fails, it does not completely open or cut off the fuel supply of the injector. Cause of this system problems is clogged nozzle filter, after a long period of use, the nozzle filter will be blocked by mud and other impurities, and severely affect the efficiency of the fuel rail. Therefore, after the fault occurs, it should be promptly replaced within 24 hours to ensure the vehicle’s safe operation.”

The cat excavator high pressure oil pump is damaged

The cat excavator high pressure oil pump is damaged. How to repair the high pressure oil pump of the cat excavator? It is caused by the damage of the cat excavator high pressure oil pump, which may be due to the excessive wear of the piston ring and cylinder, or because the injection nozzle has been worn for a long time. How to repair the high-pressure oil pump of the cat excavator? First, remove the fuel line from the injection nozzle and then start the engine. If there is no one at this time, it means that there is no problem with the fuel injection nozzle, and if there is fuel leakage at this time, it means that there is a problem with the fuel injection nozzle. If there is still a problem with no one at this time, it means that there is a problem with other components in the pipeline, such as seals and valves.

The cat excavator high pressure oil pump is damaged. The effect of the damage to the high-pressure oil pump is that the oil pressure of the circuit will decrease and the machine will lose power. As for whether it can be estimated, it needs to be clarified. In general, there are many reasons for the damage of the high-pressure oil pump, such as:

1.Damage to the inlet tube blockage

2.Deterioration of strainer

3.Damage to valve plate or spring

4.Damage to suction valve, suction valve seat, or plunger

5.The filter is blocked

6.Pressure relief valve damage

To check if you can start by checking the pump body inlet and outlet pipes, check if there is a problem with the filter and pump strainer, and then remove them respectively to see if there is any problem with the installati.

It is caused by damage to the cat excavator high pressure oil pump. After removing all parts of the pipeline, this problem can be solved. The main problem of high-pressure oil pump damage of cat excavator is that it cannot bear high-pressure impact. In severe cases, it can only be replaced directly.

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The cat excavator fuel line or valve is damaged

The best way to avoid this problem is to check the tank cap, fuel hose and fuel filter regularly. If the above inspection is normal, the tank may be contaminated with impurities or water. The fuel should be filtered or replaced. If the above inspections are all normal, and if there is a large amount of black smoke from the exhaust pipe, it means that the fuel supply system has problems. To solve this problem, it needs to check whether the fuel line or valve of the cat excavator is damaged. After confirming that there is no problem, inject new clean diesel into the engine cylinder through an air vent and an oil gauge to remove impurities.

Fuel lines and valves are the fuel supply system of the excavator. If there is a problem with the fuel line, it will cause the excavator to stop running.

The cat excavator fuel line or valve is damaged, resulting in poor fuel supply. The pipeline is not straight or has too many bends, resulting in poor air circulation and air resistance of the pipeline, reducing the flow rate of the fuel.

When an operator operates an excavator engine at full throttle, a large amount of air is sucked into the carburetor, resulting in a decrease in oil pressure and insufficient pressure in the lubrication system. There are two reasons: one is that there is no oil phenomenon in the tube; the other is that there is no sufficient pressure.

1, the fuel tank cover is not sealed, the internal pressure is insufficient;

2, the vent hole of the fuel tank is blocked or has a vacuum phenomenon;

3, There is a blockage in the fuel filter.

4. The oil pump suction pipe leaks oil.

5, the oil circuit sealing parts of the fuel pump have leakage;

6, the diesel engine piston ring is worn or broken.

The cat excavator filter element is blocked

The most common fault of the cat excavator filter element is blocked, especially the oil filter element. When a cat excavator oil filter element is severely blocked, it will cause the fuel pipe to burst and the engine will stop.

The hydraulic system is basically filled with hydraulic oil, and its quality directly affects the normal operation of the hydraulic system. In addition to being used as a transmission medium, hydraulic oil must also lubricate and cool components such as pumps and valves to achieve their functions. In the process of use, the hydraulic oil will inevitably absorb moisture and dust in the air, which will cause contamination of impurities such as water, dust, carbon deposits and solid particles in the hydraulic system. The accumulation of contaminants in the system exceeds a certain limit and causes failure.

Therefore, we should pay attention to cleaning on time during our daily operation of cat excavator filters.

In addition to these external factors, there is also an internal factor that causes blockage in oil filters. When we use them for a long time, too much carbonaceous impurity will accumulate on their filter element surfaces. Once they accumulate to a certain extent, they will affect our filtration effect. At this time we need to clean up these dirt in time.

Second, how to deal with blockage of cat excavator filter element?

1、 Always clean up carbon deposits on filter elements;

2、 Regularly replace filter elements;

3、 Keep proper oil level in oil tanks;

4、 Avoid strong vibrations during transportation;

5、 Pay attention to maintenance of air filters for air compressors.

cat excavator fuel leaking from injectors

It’s a good thing your excavator has fuel leaking from the injectors, and not on the ground. (The next best thing is if it’s leaking on the ground.)

When an engine is running, it’s normal for there to be a tiny amount of leakage around each injector body. The seal is designed to hold pressure when the engine is stopped, but under load, it will leak slightly. Injectors are generally very reliable.

If your excavator wasn’t running for a while, and then you started it up and now it’s leaking fuel from the injectors, that probably means that some gunk got in there when it was sitting idle. If you do get fuel leaking from the injectors, take your excavator to a mechanic who can adjust them.

If you don’t take care of fuel leaking from the injectors, they can wear out prematurely. This will cause problems with your excavator’s engine running smoothly, which can lead to more serious problems in the long run.

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