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clean check komatsu pc130-8 excavators valve

Komatsu pc130-8 excavators are very popular in the market, so how to maintain clean komatsu pc130-8 excavator valve is a problem that everyone cares about.

Here are some things to note for the maintenance of Komatsu PC130-8:

Komatsu pc130-8 valves need to be cleaned regularly, and the frequency of cleaning varies depending on the environment. Under normal circumstances, it should be cleaned once every six months at least.

The cleaning method is as follows:

1. Use a special clean agent or gasoline to spray the valve hole, then use a brush to remove dirt and carbon deposits.

2. Use compressed air to blow out dirt and carbon deposition in the valve hole.

3. After blowing with compressed air, if there are still impurities in the valve hole, you can use a special fluid cleaner and soak the valve hole for about 15 minutes, then use compressed air to blow out impurities in the valve hole again.

komatsu pc130-8 excavators

replace komatsu pc130-8 excavators fuses

The fuses on the komatsu pc130-8 excavators should be changed out at least every 2 years. In fact, most manufacturers recommend doing this every year.

To replace the fuses, you will need to replace all of them at once, so that you can use the same type of fuse in each spot. This will prevent the fuses from being replaced with a different type of fuse than what is currently in place.

You will also need to have an amp meter in order to test whether or not the fuse is working correctly. The fuse tester will also tell you how much current is being drawn from the circuit and how much power it is drawing from the circuit.

If you want to replace the fuse on a komatsu pc130-8 excavators, please read the following instructions:

1. Park the Komatsu PC130-8 Excavators in its designated parking area. Shut off any equipment that is attached to the machine. Turn off the engine and remove the keys.

2. Remove the fuse panel cover by unscrewing the retaining screw with a screwdriver or socket wrench. The screw is located at one end of the fuse panel cover and has a slot in it for ease of removal.

3. Examine all of the fuses in both rows of fuses to determine which one is defective and needs replacement

replace komatsu pc130-8 excavators hydraulic filter

The Komatsu PC130-8 excavator has been used for a long time. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, regular replacement and maintenance of the hydraulic oil filter is required to ensure that the hydraulic system can work normally. The hydraulic filter needs to be replaced after more than 2000 hours of working time. At this time, we will introduce how to replace the hydraulic filter of komatsu PC130-8 excavator.

1. Remove the two screws on the top of the hydraulic tank cover with a wrench. Please note that too much force is not allowed when removing screws, so as not to damage the screws and affect subsequent use.

2. After removing the two screws, slowly open the cover of the hydraulic tank and watch out for leaking oil from the cover. Be careful not to let it fall on your body or clothes when you open it, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble if it gets dirty. There is also a small cylinder under the cover, which can be easily removed with a screwdriver or pry bar when replacing it later.

3. Take out all four filters in turn and pay attention to observe whether there are impurities in them, especially whether there are

komatsu pc130-8 excavators hydraulic pump repair

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komatsu pc130-8 excavators hydraulic oil cooler repair or replacement

If you are having trouble with your Komatsu PC130-8 excavators cooling system, then you may want to read this article. In this article we will discuss the advantages of using a Komatsu PC130-8 excavators hydraulic oil cooler repair kit instead of buying a new machine.

Komatsu PC130-8 excavators are one of the most popular models in the market today. This is because they have been designed to perform the job perfectly and provide enough space for all the required components. They are very expensive and it would be a shame to lose it due to any problems caused by the cooling system.

You can find some of these repair kits available online as well as in local shops. You should always check whether there is any guarantee provided by the seller before making a purchase.

Charge komatsu pc130-8 excavators Pressure System Leakage Fault

Komatsu PC130-8 excavator, the engine does not start, the engine starts fault, the fault code is the charge pressure system leakage fault. According to the fault code and fault phenomenon, it is judged that the oil seal of the charge air cooler leaks and causes the charge air to leak. The main reason for this fault is that due to high ambient temperature and long working time of the machine, the temperature of operating parts is too high, resulting in aging and deformation of rubber seals.

1. Check if there is any problem with charge pressure system leakage failure indication. If a malfunction occurs, this icon will be displayed on the monitor.

2. Check if there is any problem with charge pressure system leakage failure indication

komatsu pc130-8 excavators

komatsu pc130-8 excavators implement travel fault

When the komatsu pc130-8 excavator is used outdoors, the travel mechanism suddenly fails or the operation is abnormal. Because the machine is in normal condition and the operation is normal, this situation has been verified for a long time. But it happened again in about 2 days. When using other functions, the travel function cannot be used at all.

The machine is powered off after troubleshooting and restarted. The travel function will return to normal.

After troubleshooting, we found that when replacing different parts of the brake motor, repairing the starter and changing the controller to replace the hydraulic pump, it was found that there was no problem with these parts.

In addition, we also measured the resistance of each sensor on the chassis, and found that there was no problem with these sensors.

Because I didn’t check it myself at this time, I couldn’t think about it for a while. I had no choice but to tell my boss to ask for help. Then I immediately ordered new parts according to my boss’s advice and replaced them one by one to try them out.

Finally, we found that when we replaced a new oil filter connector with a new oil filter connector (the old one), our problem could be solved successfully.

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