komatsu pc200-6 excavator is the most sold vehicle in the world and due to its engine revolution prevention technology it has become a very popular tool for the construction machine industry. The komatsu excavator machine series features one of the most revolutionary technologies ever developed for excavation and clean-up machines. Optimized for low fuel consumption and low emissions, the instrumentation and electronics are an important aspect of this innovative technology.

Komatsu pc200-6 travel motor will not engage

My komatsu pc200-6 will not engage the travel motor in forward or reverse. I checked the solenoid and it is working. I checked the clutch switch to make sure it was turning on when the pedal was pressed and it wasn’t. I replaced the switch, but still no luck. The motor turns over just fine, but won’t engage when put into gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Komatsu pc200-6 excavator that will not go forward or backward. The motor is engaging but the tracks do not move. It seems like something is seized up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not know much about these machines.

komatsu pc200-6

Komatsu pc200-6 engine runs very slow

I have a Komatsu pc200-6 that was running fine and then suddenly the engine started running very slow. It will crank right up and idle around 800 rpm. When I try to rev it up it just runs very slowly and eventually stalls out.

I have checked the air filter and it is clean. The fuel filters look clean as well. I changed the fuel pump thinking that might be the problem but no luck. It still runs like crap.

This is the full story. This is the only time this has ever happened to me. It was very hot in australia (40 Celsius) and I was running a Komatsu PC200-6 with a 4 in 1 bucket. I was pushing sand out of a pile when my engine shut down. After a few seconds it started back up, but was running very slow, around 300 rpm. Normally it should be at around 1200 rpm. A Komatsu mechanic came out to have a look and determined it was the turbo boost pressure sensor, which had overheated due to the hot weather and failed. He replaced the sensor and all was well again.

Komatsu pc200-6 engine no power

After the engine is warmed up, it will not be able to accelerate. The fuel tank is full, the oil tank is half full, and the air filter is cleaned. I thought it was the high pressure oil pipe problem.

I started it and found that the oil pump did not work. The oil inlet pipe was broken and there was no oil-leaking from the broken place. I repaired it. After repairing, the engine could not start again. The fuel pressure gauge showed that there was no pressure, but after adding fuel pressure could start again. I checked it out and found that there was a crack in the oil pipe of the injector pump.

Komatsu pc200-6 engine light comes on after starting


The engine light indicates a problem with the engine or exhaust system. The ECM controls the engine light by monitoring a number of different sensors. When one of these sensors detects a fault, it tells the ECM and the ECM illuminates the engine light on the instrument panel.

The Check Engine Light will illuminate if there are any problems with the car’s electrical system. If you notice that this light stays on for quite some time after you start your vehicle, then it is important to bring your car into your nearest ASE certified mechanic for an inspection.

The engine light is telling you that there are codes in the computer that are causing it to come on. You need to have someone read the codes with a code reader or scan tool. This will tell you what’s going on and it may be just an emissions code. The light could be coming on for a lot of reasons like the MAF, MAP, O2 sensors, EGR valve, or even a bad computer. There is no way to tell what is making the light come on without reading the codes first so that you know where to start testing.

Komatsu pc200-6 engine idling very high or low

I have a Komatsu PC200-6 excavator, the engine idles very high and then gradually drops until it shuts off.

The problem is not in the linkage from the accelerator pedal to the injection pump, I took that apart and cleaned it.

Also, when I open the side door to look at the throttle control inside, it looks like it is moving all the way to idle position. When it is in this position, you can hear the engine start to slow down and then stop.

I have a Komatsu pc200-6 tracked excavator running a S6D102E-2B engine that has a problem with the idle. At times it will idle at about 900 rpm, but most of the time it will idle at about 2000 rpm. While operating the machine the throttle seems to be working properly and does not seem to be hanging up or sticking in any way. I have cleaned the throttle position sensor (TPS) and adjusted to factory specifications, but this has not helped. I have also replaced the TPS with no luck. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me on this problem.

Komatsu pc200-6 fuel in oil or blown head gasket

I have changed the injectors, fuel pump, cam follower and check balls in the injector pump for new and still have the same issue.

I have checked all of the valves to see if any of them are stuck open but they all seem to be operating properly.

The engine will run fine for a while but when it gets hot it starts to blow black smoke and white smoke out of the exhaust and will eventually die.

If you let it sit and cool down it will run again but shut down after it gets hot again.

The only other things i can think of is a blown head gasket or the oil cooler is leaking into the water or vice versa, or maybe that there is an air leak some where on the high pressure side of the fuel system.

Komatsu pc200-6 excavator will not cold start or warm start, needs to be jump started

I have a Komatsu pc200-6 excavator that will not start or warm start, it needs to be jump started every time. I have already checked the battery and it’s good, I replaced the starter and starter relay, but that didn’t fix my problem. I need help troubleshooting my excavator.

Have you checked the voltage on the small battery terminal on your alternator? If it’s not getting voltage from ignition switch to this terminal, then your alternator is not getting excited and will not charge battery or supply 12 volts to start machine.

1) Replaced starter and starter solenoid

2) Replaced glow plugs

3) Batteries are good and clean connections

4) Starter turns over fast enough, but just doesn’t want to start. It seems like it is not getting fuel. After trying to start for a few minutes it will finally fire up, but then quickly stalls out. If I keep pumping the throttle I can get it to remain running but then it will stall out again if I let off the throttle for even a moment. I am only able to get it to stay running by continuously pumping the throttle. Once it is running I shut off the engine and try to restart but it won’t restart unless I jump it again.

Komatsu pc200-6 excavator will not shut off when key is turned off

Komatsu pc200-6 excavator will not shut off when key is turned off. I am new to the forum and am looking for some help diagnosing a problem on my machine. I have a Komatsu PC200-6 Excavator that I purchased several months ago. Everything has been fine with it except for one day it would not shut off when I turned the ignition key off. I replaced the ignition switch and it seemed to work fine after that, until today. It has been doing the same thing again, but this time I’m able to get it to turn off if I move the key back and forth a little bit(while still in the “off” position).

This morning when the machine would not turn off, I disconnected one of the wires from the starter solenoid so that It would not continue to run. This worked fine, but then this afternoon when I reconnected the wire, it started without even turning the key on. The only way to get it to stop running was by disconnecting that wire again. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing this problem?

Excuse the amateurish way of describing the process, but I’m not a mechanic. So here are the steps I took to solve my problem:

1. Checked circuit breakers on left side of main frame (3 of them). They were all good

2. Checked fuse box on right side of main frame (4 fuses). They were all good

3. Took off the right panel to see if I could see any possible electrical problems. All looked good

4. Disconnected the battery cables and put them back together again. Didn’t work

5. This is where it gets kind of dumb, but after talking with a couple other mechanics, they suggested that there might be a short somewhere in the ignition switch itself and that it might be overheating and causing a bad connection. To test this, they said to take an adjustable wrench to the nut on top of the switch and tighten it up enough so that when you turn it off, it would cut power to the machine through the ignition switch and not just via the battery cables. This worked!

6. I thought about leaving it at

komatsu pc200-6

Problems, solutions and repair parts for komatsu pc200-6 excavators

Komatsu PC200-6 is a medium-sized excavator. It is widely used in construction sites such as roads, railways and hydropower. Like other machines, it can not get rid of the problem. In this paper, the common problems and solutions of Komatsu PC200-6 excavators are listed, which can help users understand the maintenance of Komatsu PC200-6 excavators

1. Reasons for poor start of Komatsu PC200-6 excavator:

The poor start of the Komatsu PC200-6 excavator may be due to the tightness or looseness of the belt, the wear or damage to the belt, and improper adjustment of the tensioner. If it is caused by damage to some parts of the engine, it may be due to a broken battery cable or a broken engine wiring harness.

2. The oil temperature gauge pointer did not move after starting:

When the oil temperature gauge pointer does not move after starting, check whether there is an open circuit in the wiring harness between each sensor and instrument cluster; check whether there is an open circuit in each sensor’s internal resistance; check whether there is an open circuit in each sensor grounding wire; replace damaged sensors; replace damaged wiring harnesses; check.

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