Each time I go to start the Komatsu pc228uslc, I have a problem with starting. The engine doesn’t move, no noise comes up, nothing but the stupid motor reserve light is coming on.

1. Check the komatsu pc228uslc battery if it is still charged

Komatsu pc228uslc battery, you must make sure that the komatsu pc228uslc battery is still charged. If it is not charged and the machine is turned off, and the machine is started again, then the engine can be damaged due to the lack of power.

The best way to check if a komatsu pc228uslc battery is fully charged or not is to use a multimeter or a voltmeter. This device will give you the precise voltage of your komatsu pc228uslc battery. You should not attempt to use a regular kind of voltmeter as this will give you false readings.

To ensure that your Komatsu pc228uslc battery is still charged, you must maintain proper maintenance of your komatsu pc228uslc battery. You should clean the terminals of your komatsu pc228uslc battery using a wire brush. You should also inspect all components for any signs of damage or wear and tear on them.

komatsu pc228uslc

2. Disable the komatsu pc228uslc relay for engine control and start the machine, is there a warning on screen?

I have a new PC228USLC-8 excavator that I’m attempting to disable the relay for. This machine is equipped with the “Komatsu 3D82AE-4 SAA4D95LE-5” engine and uses EMS2. I have followed the troubleshooting flow chart from Komatsu’s service manual and everything appears to be working correctly. The relay is located in the engine compartment near the firewall, it is green with a black cover.

I have removed the cover and found that there are four wires going into the relay, two of which are marked “B” and “C”. Using a jumper wire I jumped terminals B and C to simulate opening the circuit. After doing this I started the machine expecting to see an error message on screen, but there was nothing. Any suggestions?

3. Check for water in the komatsu pc228uslc fuel tank

Drain fuel tank and remove the fuel filter. Fill the tank with clean diesel fuel. Install the fuel filter on the injection pump while rotating it back and forth until the filter is firmly seated. If a new filter is installed, make sure the O-ring is fully seated in its groove.

Fill the filter with clean diesel fuel using a small container such as a cup or plastic bottle. Remove air from the system by bleeding at each injector union (if equipped), and at bleeder screw on top of fuel filter, until clean diesel fuel flows out.

Top up the fuel tank as necessary to provide sufficient supply for engine warm up and testing.

1 .Run the excavator with a fuel tank full of water and completely drain it.

2.After draining, add a small amount of fuel to prevent corrosion inside the tank.

3.The filter is often full of water when the filter element is clogged or the filter cover is tightly sealed.

4.When draining water, place a container under the filter drain plug, and then loosen the drain plug with a wrench to drain the water.

4. Replace the komatsu pc228uslc fuel filter and air filter

1. Open the hood to access the fuel filter. The fuel filter is on the left side of the engine, directly below the driver’s seat. The filter is roughly cylindrical in shape, with metal brackets holding it in place.

2. Remove the metal clips that secure the fuel filter to its mounting bracket. There are three metal clips that attach the fuel filter to a set of mounting brackets; two of these clips are approximately 3/4 inch from each end of the fuel filter, and one is in the center of the fuel filter’s length. Using pliers, remove these metal clips by pulling them straight out — do not bend them.

3. Pull up on the fuel filter to remove it from its mounting bracket. If necessary, slide a small screwdriver against one end of the fuel filter and gently pry it up from its mounting bracket to free it from its mount. Be careful when doing this step, as there is still residual pressure within the fuel lines attached to either end of the fuel filter.

4. Unscrew the rubber caps on either end of the old fuel filter and remove them completely. Each cap has a small hole in it; insert a small screwdriver into these holes and unscrew each.

5. Replace komatsu pc228uslc ECU to see if it resolves the problem

The ECU is located on the right side of the engine block. It should be mounted in place by 2 bolts. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts. Once the ECU is loose, disconnect the wiring harness and remove it from the vehicle.

Once you have the new ECU, mount it in place and reconnect the wiring harness. The one bolt near the front of the block will not be used to secure the new ECU

Once you’ve reconnected all of your wiring, start up your vehicle and make sure that your check engine light has gone out. If it hasn’t, recheck all of your connections with a voltmeter (and an ohmmeter for continuity as needed). If all is well, take your car out for a test drive to confirm that everything is working properly.

komatsu pc228uslc

6. If all else fails, call Komatsu service to set up an appointment with a certified technician to diagnose and repair your machine

Your excavator is one of the most important pieces of machinery on your jobsite — it’s essential to keep it in tip-top shape at all times.

Here are four things you can do to ensure your excavator is always in good working order:

1. Check the oil level and perform any necessary oil changes.

2. Check tire pressure and condition.

3. Clean the battery terminals, as they can corrode over time and cause problems starting your machine.

4. Inspect the air filter to make sure it’s clean and free of dirt or dust. If there are any signs of wear or damage, replace it immediately.”

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