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Komatsu PC60-7 Fuel System Problem

If you have a Komatsu PC60-7, Komatsu PC60-5, Komatsu PC100, or KomastuPC120 excavator that has a fuel problem and you have replaced everything under the hood and it is still not running right, I have found a solution to your problem.

I own a PC60-7 Komatsu excavator that had been sitting for two years while I was working in Iraq. I got back home and replaced the filters in the tank and on top of the engine and it still would not run right. It would blow black smoke and barely run at idle speed. I could get it to run faster by pumping the fuel lever but if I let off of it, it would slow down to almost stopping.

After changing all of the filters and doing other maintenance work to try to make it run right, I decided that I needed more fuel flow. The only way I could think of doing this was to remove my fuel tank from the machine (It is a big job) and clean out as much gunk from the bottom of my tank as possible. It took me about three hours to take off all of the lines and get the tank removed from my machine.

komatsu pc60-7

Komatsu PC60-7 Hydraulic system Problem

The first thing to do is check the hydraulic filter. Most of the time this is where the problem starts. The filter gets clogged and it causes the pump to overheat. When the pump overheats, it will not put out full pressure.

To test this, you need to remove the fuel tank and gain access to the hydraulic pump. Remove the two bolts holding on the filter housing and replace with two new gaskets. The filter needs to be removed from the bottom of the housing and cleaned out with a brush. It can then be reinstalled back into position. Make sure you push down firmly until it seals up at the bottom of its groove.

Refill with new hydraulic oil and check for leaks around all lines and fittings. Now start up your machine and check for full hydraulic pressure at all boom and arm functions.

If there is still low pressure, then you may have low oil in your tank causing air to enter your system or a damaged pump or control valve.

Komatsu PC60-7 Engine starting problem

This is a common problem on these machines, which is a Nippondenso engine.

If you have an aftermarket starter solenoid it will fail prematurely and cause your machine to not start at all.

It takes 12 volts to activate the starter solenoid to turn over, so you have to ensure there is sufficient voltage at the battery terminals.

You can connect the voltmeter directly to the battery terminals and if it shows 12 volts, then you know there is no problem with the battery, unless it is old and worn out.

Next thing I do is check the voltage coming out of the ignition switch where the small RED wire attaches to the switch. This wire comes from the key switch, through a fuse and directly to the starter solenoid.

Once again if there are 12 volts here you know that there is no problem with either the key switch or fuse here causing a lack of power at this point.

Now that we know there are no problems between your battery and starter solenoid, we can move on to other causes for a “no start” condition.

Komatsu PC60-7 Engine stalling or hesitating during acceleration

1. Check the temperature of the air inlet hose, if it is too high, check the fan and radiator core;

2. Check the amount of fan water in the machine, not enough water may cause hot engines;

3. Check whether there is any debris blocking the cooling system;

4. Check if there is an oil leak from the fuel injector and whether the sealing ring is damaged;

5. Check whether there is air leakage at the joint of the fuel pipe and filter element;

6. Whether there are foreign matters in the fuel tank and fuel filter element, causing insufficient fuel supply to enter the engine;

7. If possible, try changing another diesel engine with a known normal working condition to determine whether this engine has a problem or whether it is a system problem.

Komatsu PC60-7 Engine sputtering, You may notice poor acceleration or an intermittent stalling problem

The PC60-7 has a 2D95 12 valve direct injection engine. This is a non turbocharged engine that uses a carburetor. The carburetor it uses is a Mikuni model VE4/11F or VE4/11R. The engine starts and runs but feels like it running out of fuel at times.

This was the case when I received the machine. A quick look at the fuel filter showed that it was full of water. I removed the filter and drained the water from it then replaced the filter. The machine started better but still felt like it was running out of fuel when the throttle was pushed up.

I pulled the plug on the sediment bulb and found that there was no fuel coming out of this line so I removed the line from the sediment bulb to the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump and blew air into this line to clear any possible blockage in this line.

I then turned on the key switch, cranked over the engine until I saw fuel come out of this line then hooked this line back up to its fitting on the inlet side of the transfer pump.

Komatsu PC60-7 Other Common Problems and Solutions

The Komatsu PC60-7 is a compact excavator that was first built in 1991, when it was introduced as the PC50UU-2. It was replaced with the Komatsu PC75UU-3 in 1993. The PC60-7 is a popular small excavator, due to its small size and the fact that it runs on diesel fuel rather than gasoline, which makes it more powerful and more efficient.

The Komatsu PC60-7 weighs 16,800 lbs., and has an operating weight of 17,700 lbs. It’s powered by a four cylinder diesel engine that produces 48 HP at 2,400 RPM, and it uses hydraulic lines to power the tracks and the bucket.

The Komatsu PC60-7 has three common problems that owners should be aware of before purchasing one of these diggers.

No Power

If your Komatsu PC60-7 won’t move or seems to have lost a significant amount of power, there are several possible causes for this problem. First, check the battery; if it’s low on charge or completely dead, you’ll need to charge or replace it before doing anything else.

komatsu pc60-7

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