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cat 305 excavator Engine oil pressure is low

1, the oil is too much or too little, the oil level is lower than the height of the oil standard will lead to low oil pressure, should be added to the required amount of lubricating oil;

2, poor lubrication of the engine, should be replaced by new oil filter;

3, oil tank or tubing installation is not good, check again and re-install.

4, fuel pump pressure regulating spring preload or spring tension failure or damage should be replaced with new spring pressure regulating spring;

5, fuel pump inlet valve wear or damage should be replaced new inlet valve.

6, fuel pump outlet valve wear or damage should be replaced with a new outlet valve;

7, fuel pump plunger wear or damage should be replaced with a new plunger; 8. The fuel pump hole on the gear shaft is worn or damaged and should be repaired with a grinder.

cat 305 excavator

cat 305 excavator Air inlet restriction is low

The Cat 305.5E2 CR excavator is a low-cost, high-performance machine that can be used for many tasks in the construction industry. This machine is known for its good performance and has a wide range of applications.

The cat 305 excavator has a large number of models, from the Cat 305 mini excavator to the Cat 305D excavator and the Cat 305E2 CR excavator. The following describes the troubleshooting for the air inlet restriction alarm of the cat 305 excavator:

Cat 305 excavator air inlet restriction alarm solutions:

1. Check if air filter is clogged or damaged;

2. Check if there is foreign matter in the air filter;

3. Check whether there is any problem with the intake valve;

4. Check whether there is any problem with the intake pump;

cat 305 excavator The coolant level is low

The coolant level is too low. The lower the coolant level, the less the cooling effect. In addition, the lower the coolant level, the higher the temperature of the coolant, which will cause a vicious circle. Therefore, we must ensure that the normal working coolant level of the engine.

As for some engines, in order to avoid excessive coolant during maintenance, it is necessary to install a special expansion tank separately from the engine to accommodate excessive coolant. And no matter what kind of method is used to ensure that there is a certain degree of space in the cooling system to accommodate excessive water.

When filling water, attention should be paid to pouring into an appropriate amount of water according to demand and ensuring that there is no air in it so as not to cause insufficient water or air bubbles entering and burning out cylinder liners and piston rings.

cat 305 excavator The transmission oil level is low

In the normal work of the excavator, the transmission is a very important part. Once the tranny oil level is low, it will affect the normal operation of the excavator. How does the machine’s transmission oil level be too low?

First of all, we need to understand that when the excavator works, due to long-term use and various factors, it is easy to wear and tear. It can also cause the transmission box to leak oil. Secondly, excavators are often used in harsh environments, so they are prone to rust and corrosion of metal parts. Thirdly, if there is dust in the air or if there is dust on the ground, it may cause dust to enter and damage your equipment. In case of an accident like this, we will be forced to stop working.

If you find that your excavator has a fault in its tranny system, you can take it back to the shop for repair or call us directly at Cat 305 Excavator The transmission oil level is low.

cat 305 excavator The engine coolant temperature is high

1. Engine coolant temperature is high, the operation is difficult

2. Check whether the water pump impeller is worn out and whether the impeller blade is damaged; The water pump impeller must be replaced;

3. Check if the thermostat is stuck; If it is stuck, replace the thermostat;

4. Check if there are blockages in the cooling water passage of the engine cylinder head and the radiator core. The cooling water pipe and radiator core should be cleaned up if there are blockages;

5. Check whether the water pipe joint leaks, if there are leaks, please reweld or replace it with a new one.

cat 305 excavator Engine oil temperature is high

The oil temperature of cat 305 excavator Engine is too high and the solution method is as follows:

1. The engine and hydraulic oil will be excessively deteriorated due to the working environment of the construction machinery. The excessive deterioration will reduce the viscosity, increase the acid value and metal particles, which will cause the wear of the parts to accelerate, and finally shorten the life of the parts or even cause serious failure;

2. The hydraulic control system is composed of hydraulic oil, pipeline, valve, pump and other components. If there is a problem with any one of them, it will cause the loss of hydraulic oil in different degree. Therefore, it is necessary to check them from time to time;

3. The quality of maintenance personnel and maintenance facilities directly affect the service life of parts;

4. Improper operation makes construction machinery prone to abnormal conditions such as overload operation, short loading time and frequent start-up, which affects its service life;

5. Improper use environment causes parts to age prematurely at an accelerated rate;

6. Construction Machinery Operating Conditions: Construction Machinery Operating Conditions Affect Service Life – Environment: Weather Temperature Humidity Dust Acid Rain Salt Fog Pollution Corrosion Erosion…

cat 305 excavator Brake temperature is high

The brake temperature is too high, the vehicle can not be normal operation, this time need to check the car’s own brake system.

1. Check whether the brake air pressure is too large, if the air pressure is too large, when the brake pedal is depressed to a certain extent, it will automatically release; but if the air pressure is too small, it will delay the release of the brake, which may cause excessive friction of the brake shoe and generate heat. Therefore, it should be checked whether the indicated pressure of the air pressure gauge on the instrument panel exceeds 0.45MPa. If so, check whether there is leakage in the pipeline or exhaust system; if there is no leakage or other abnormal situation in the pipeline and exhaust system, you should clean and adjust or replace the automatic exhaust valve.

2. Check whether there are foreign matters or dust in all kinds of components (such as dust in cylinder body or piston rod) that cause sticking phenomenon; check whether there are other reasons (such as rust spots on sliding surfaces). The friction coefficient between cylinder body and piston rod increases due to dust or rust spots to make cylinder no longer smoothly move up and down.

3. Check whether some components are damaged or broken (such as spring breakage)

cat 305 excavator

cat 305 excavator Battery voltage is low

The battery on the excavator 305 is a single 12-volt battery that serves as a starter for the engine and powers all the lights on it, the horn, and even the radio if it has one. The battery is charged by an alternator once the engine is running and should be fully charged when the engine is turned off.

Battery voltage is low, what to do?

1, check the wiring connection at both ends of the battery terminals, check whether there are any loose or disconnected contacts.

2, check whether the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are in contact with each other; if they are in contact with each other, adjust them to maintain a distance of about 2 to 3 mm between them.

3, check whether there is a short circuit in each line of each component; remove the short circuit to make it run normally.

4, clean up dirt on the surface of the battery; add distilled water as appropriate.

5, adjust or replace the steering wheel (also called steering wheel or steering wheel) of Cat 305 excavator.

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